Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WiP Wednesday

There’s been one thing on the needles all week, and this is it.


It’s my Cranford Shawl test knit. I’ve been knitting on this whenever I have time, and I’ve gotten at least a few rows done every day. The middle section felt a bit like a slog, but now that I’m into the decrease section it’s going much faster. The biggest trick is going to be that I will need to get into my third skein of Ecological Wool, and that’s not wound yet.

First world problems. I has them.

There will be a new project by the end of the week, if only because the Hubster and I are going to the Pops concert on Friday night, and I’ll need something small to keep me occupied while I take the trolley downtown.

Meanwhile, I have interviews to transcribe, laundry to move and stories to write. Zoom.


SJ said...

You're in the home stretch now!

Donna Lee said...

I really like that pattern and can now see what you meant. I like fancy, lacy shawls but I also have a fondness for the plainer ones that show off the nice, neat knitting. (and I love the edging on this one)