Wednesday, February 01, 2012

WiP Wednesday

Just under the wire!

I finished the test-knit shawl. Photo shoot coming soon.

I finished my Koolhaas hat. FO post coming soon.

So what’s on my needles?

I decided the Yarn Harlot’s Foot Ovens post sounded like a great idea. And, I’d been very much wanting to try Cat Bordhi’s new Sweet Tomato Heel.

So I combined the two.


Foot Oven socks with a Sweet Tomato Heel. I cast on the sock in that picture around when the Penguins game started on Tuesday night. I finished it at knit night tonight.

Stephanie was not kidding when she said you will be amazed at how quickly you wind up with a pair of socks using this recipe.

Oh, and I really like the Sweet Tomato heel. Win!

In other news, how jacked up/completely unseasonable has our weather been?


The bulbs that my mother plants in our backyard are sprouting. In January. This is crazypants.

In other news, my loom is starting to resemble a Nordic Track. You know. Something that has become a dumping ground for other things, therefore rendering it useless for its primary purpose.

This is completely unacceptable. I'm hoping that once I get through the whack of deadlines staring me in the face, I can change this. It may have to wait until after my California trip at the end of this month, but dammit. I'm going to be weaving again soon. It's Important.


JessaLu said...

I found instructions on Youtube for doing the sweet tomato heel on the sock machine...perhaps I shall try it (I don't fit into regular short-row heels well)

and yeah, our weather is CRAZY.PANTS.

SJ said...

Weather is insane, yes, but I'm not complaining! The way I figure it, we've had some pretty rough winters lately, so I think we're owed a mild one.

Donna Lee said...

My poor spring bulbs are so confused.

Weaving is important. I think it's what gives your brain the space it needs to think the creative thoughts that make your writing good. That's what spinning does for me. It lets my mind wander.