Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Opposite of Picture Pages

I have no energy to download pictures so I can put them here, but I'll (hopefully) get caught up when i get home.

The flight to the left coast was long, but uneventful.

Monday was spent with some dear quilting friends from my days in Los Angeles. There will most certainly be pictures of that.

Yesterday was experienced at top speed on UCLA's campus. It was fantastic to be back there, if only for a day.

Today was set-up for the reason I'm here. A gigantic softball tournament. 35 college teams, 87 college games and 90 total games in four days on five fields. But the weather should be gorgeous, so we'll survive. Meanwhile, it's time to go back to the hotel and go to bed super early. I won't have another chance to sleep much until I'm home on Monday.

I'll catch all of you up on my life then.

Knitting update: There has been Wiggle Wrap knitting. It looks the same, just longer.

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Jenn said...

Wow, that is one big tournament. We're starting to get excited for softball season here. Have fun!