Monday, January 07, 2013

Better Late than Never

So. My dad asked for placemats for Christmas. Christmas 2011. I got them done for his December birthday. In 2012. Oops.

He wanted placemats for the big table at the Lake. That table sits eight, so eight placemats. The wonderful and talented Sara at The Mannings helped me project plan.

Then it just took for me to get them on the loom and woven. But I finally got them done!


I got eight full-sized placemats out of my 6.5-yard warp, then a shrimp of a ninth mat. I just wove until I couldn't get a shed, then I stopped. Camera lens-cap included for scale. I figure it’ll be good for the napkin holder and salt/pepper in the center of the table.


Because we have a small human who spends a lot of time at the Lake, I figured that ScotchGuarding the placemats would be a smart plan of attack. We had a dry sunny day (Cold, but dry and sunny), so I spread everything out on the driveway and went to work. The reason I did it on the driveway?


The marks are already gone from the driveway. Yay, snow and shoveling!

Dad got the finished set of eight placemats for his birthday, and seemed really pleased. Here’s hoping they have a long stay on the big table up at the Lake!


Rainbow Placemats 

Thread: 3/2 Perle Cotton 
EPI: 32 
Reed: 8-dent 
Ends: 480 
Width in reed: 15” 
Length per full-sized placemat: 24” 
Warp Length: 6.5 yards 
Quantity: 8 full placemats, small 9th mat


Mrs. said...

I did some spray on waterproofing in our last house, on the front sidewalk similar to what you did on your driveway. The spray marks disappeared after a while, but re-appeared when it got wet again. I didn't care, but Mr. DID. When I waterproofed boots in this house, I got a nice lecture about how I ruined the sidewalk at the last house. This from a man who will blow the driveway clean OUTSIDE but doesn't run a vacuum INSIDE. I wonder if your marks will return when wet as well.

SJ said...

I love these! They're so cheerful and bright. I'm willing to bet that the smaller mat will get a lot of use -- we're always running out of placemats to put in the middle of the table for serving dishes, salad dressing, etc.