Wednesday, January 16, 2013

WiP Wednesday

So. The Hubster’s slippers officially last two winters. Period. Right around the holidays, holes appeared in the heels of his latest pair of Fuzzy Feet. So he needs something else.

We have a front-loading washing machine, and that makes it tough to do the fine-adjustment felting necessary for a pair of slippers that fits. And since his slippers wear out on the soles, I decided to try a new plan of attack.

Of course, the Hubster wears a men’s 11.5 wide, which means that pretty much any slipper pattern that’s out there won’t fit his Hobbit Feet without some adjustments.

I picked Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Add-A-Booties because they are re-sole-able. So I’m getting a pair first for my women’s US 8.5 feet so I can figure out how this pattern works before I adjust it for Bigfoot. The first slipper got to the sole decreases last night.


I’ll finish with the Eco Wool sole, then pick up and knit a Wool Ease second sole for durability. I figure the wool insole will felt a little and the acrylic-heavy outer sole will help these things last longer.


And, if they don’t, I can just add another sole! Expect to see this slipper get finished and three more parade through the blog. It’s a good thing they’re pretty quick!

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Pinko Knitter said...

I don't wish to rain on your parade, but the only socks I have ever worn a hole in were a pair made from 100% Merino and a pair made from Wool-Ease. I actually reknit the foot of the Wool-Ease socks a second time, and holes developed just as rapidly as the first time (within just a few weeks of wearing them as "slipper-socks).