Friday, February 15, 2008

YPF: Knitting Notions

You see that little stinker with his pile-o-loot from last weekend? I told you!

We’ll get to all of it eventually. The photos are all sitting in the hopper waiting their turn in line.

So last weekend, while I was working my little fingers to the bone in the Bloomin Yarns booth at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival, Roaming Tigger was causing trouble.

That little bugger stole my wallet!

Today, we’ll discuss what he brought home from the Knitting Notions booth.

I had never heard of Knitting Notions before set-up on Friday afternoon. Catherine and her daughter (I do believe she said she had seven kids, all home schooled!!) drove up to the ‘Burgh from Tennessee and were back-to-back with our booth for the festival.

RT found the sale section and picked out a nifty sock yarn

It’s a handpaint. And it was on the sale rack because it was either an orphan or, in this case, she wasn’t wild about how the length of the colors in the finished product. It’s probably going to become plain vanilla socks that I’ll work on during my next few trips. Something I don’t have to think about that’s small enough to bring with me is huge.

Knitting Notions Classic Merino Supersock. Hand dyed. 100% superwash merino. 100 g/approx. 420 yards. Fruit Basket colorway. LinkyLinky

RT picked up one more little item while he was in that particular booth. Their nifty new Sock Keeper (LOOK!)

It would be better to have a sock-in-progress in there to show you how it works (so check that link!), but it’s a DPN keeper for any size DPNs smaller than 7”. The cord that wraps around can lock in pretty much any size DPNs. I’m a sucker for a gadget and thought this one would be particularly fun.

Since Murphy’s Law is alive and well, I was climbing around in the Knitting Notions booth when we were all breaking down on Sunday and found two of her semisolid colorways I really like. Once the ‘ole finances recover, there may be an internet order in my future.

I’m working at Bloomin Yarns tomorrow (Saturday), all day, and I will be blissfully softball-free for roughly 36 hours before I have to do some stuff on Sunday in order to properly tackle my week. I’m quite excited about that break. I really need it.


mehitabel said...

Biggest problem I ever had with working a show: seeing what the other vendors carry, and not being able to resist! Looks like you got some great stuff, though--RT can steal my credit cards any time!

Sarah said...

So I wasn't the only one who gave in to the call of that sock yarn!

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh that sock yarn is pretty!

Anonymous said...

Ph, no, no you've gone and done it. I MUST have one of those sock keepers to add to my collection of wooden knitting tools. Thank you for the link!

Jess said...

Well he may have stolen your wallet, but I do not object to any of those awesome purchases! Go RT. He's got great taste. Perhaps I could hire him as my own personal shopper...

Yvonne said...

Wow, he's the best lil' shopper ever!! I hope your well-deserved break was as relaxing as you needed it to be. When are you leaving?? Too soon, I know! :(

Molly Bee said...

Love the sock yarn. I finished a pair of handpaints a while back from the One Skein Wonder book. It was a simple slip stitch pattern that really showed off the colors. Lemme know if you don't have the pattern!