Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hamsters on a Wheel

I'm really tired, but my brain is spinning with ideas. I spent the whole day at a “learn stuff” Schoolhouse event at my favorite quilt shop. I can’t walk into that place without bringing home fabric (they’re pure evil, but in a very good way) but it was a good day and I’m glad I went.

The bad part is that my brain is spinning with various and assorted ideas, both knitty and – mostly – quilty, but I have no time! I now know precisely what I want to do for an iPod case, but it’ll be another three weeks before I have time to bust out the sewing machine and make it!

Oh yeah! Why am I just now wanting to make an iPod case?

Case for Gandalf on the left, Hedwig on the right.

The hard drive on my loyal pal for the last four years (Gandalf, a 4G 60 GB iPod) had been acting up since August and gave up completely at the end of January. Very sad! Since Apple gives you a 10% discount on a shiny new model when you recycle the old one, I was unable to take a picture with Gandalf side-by-side with Hedwig, my awesome new iPod Classic. I've been using an old microfiber sunglasses case, but I'll get around to making something perfect, hopefully before too much longer.

Meanwhile ...

I woke up to snow this morning. Jumped out of bed following a pretty bad night’s sleep (I shouldn’t complain. I normally fall asleep easily/quickly and sleep like a rock. I know many have a much tougher row to hoe, but it’s all relative to your normal, IMHO) and had just enough time to shovel the driveway, chow on some Cheerios, meet the new neighbor across the street (next door to SuperNeighbor), play with a rambunctious yellow lab for a couple minutes, shower and zip off to Allison Park.

Last Thursday, the Hubster and I spent the morning picking out everything we’ll need to turn this

Half of a “before” photoshoot. I’ll try to do a “true” one either Monday or Tuesday

Into something shiny, functional, roomy and beautiful.

Yes, our master suite (primarily bathroom with some involvement with the bedroom) is finally going to be remodeled! We have everything out of the master bedroom but the bed. That’s tomorrow’s adventure. We’ll be combining the current bathroom and closet into a 13x5 bathroom with shiny new closets on the opposite side of the room.

I leave on my Big Work Trip on Wednesday, returning March 9. The renovation starts March 2. I’ll be leaving the point-n-shoot with the Hubster with instructions to take daily photos. Here’s hoping all of that goes smoothly!

Meanwhile, I’ll try to wrangle a bit of crafty stuff to show you before I skip town, and I’ll do my best to keep you entertained while I’m away from home. Have a great week!

A Side Note: Did anyone else think the Oscars broadcast kind of sucked tonight? The open was awesome and a few of the acceptance speeches were good, but I thought there was a lot more "Huh???"* than "WOW!"

*- What was with the "musicals are back!" number? Could anyone read all the names on the "In Memoriam?" I didn't get the five former winners talking directly to the nominees in the acting categories. I never paid attention to/cared about the Oscars before living in LA, but after nine years, it's certainly part of my February routine. Here's hoping it's a better show next year.


Molly Bee said...

You sound like a girl on the go! Have you tried the new Banana Cheerios. I highly recommend them!

Sarah said...

I actually kind of liked it better than past years, but I also didn't understand what all the musical numbers were about. And the "In Memoriam" thing was driving me nuts! Why couldn't they just show the piece on the TV screen instead of zooming in and out on screens on the stage?

Anonymous said...

I have time to bust out the sewing machine and make it!