Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Many Different Herring

It’s been lots of little different things around here lately.

Alexis is blocked and ready to be seamed (once I un-pin the pieces from the basement floor)


Second gumdrop sock is on the needles


The sky looked cool while I was chauffeuring the Hubster back from work on Monday


And yesterday (Tuesday), getting home really sucked because of this. No pics of my own, but yeah. More photos on this link.

I had a little yard work to do on Monday and noticed that the bulbs my mom planted along the back fence are a little confused


Here’s hoping they make it to spring!

In other news, I need to start sewing again, and I’m taking suggestions. Option #1 is to make a quilt (probably queen sized) out of these squares:


They’re 6” squares, all different batiks, and there are enough to make a queen sized quilt.

I also have kits from The Quilt Company for:

Daybreak Quilt
Diamond Mine
French Braid (queen sized again)

Help. I need someone to tell me what to do next ‘cause I can’t decide.


floribunda said...

hmmm -- I like the daybreak quilt pattern a lot and it looks super simple so it might be a good way to spring back into some sewing! Looks like there is there a rainbow theme going on with your quilt stash...

Jen said...

You've been busy! All of the quilts are beautiful, but I like the daybreak one the best.

Donna Lee said...

Those poor bulbs are probably confused by the 58 degree days this past week! I know i was.

LaurieG said...

Daybreak quilt! (My bed is king size, btw.) :D

Bezzie said...

I vote French Braid! But only b/c I love my Pioneer Braid scarf and it reminds me of that!

Can't wait to see this Alexis...hmmm!

Heather said...

I vote for French Braid as well. But that may be the February brights calling to me...I always end up making something very bright in February. Even knowing this, I am still surprised when the urge kicks in!

Zonda said...

I love Diamond Mine! Love the colors in your vest!