Monday, May 09, 2011

Bunny Luv

So my niece turned two recently. I needed a present to go with a couple of board books to complete her gift.

Enter this guy:


Yet another home run pattern from Susan B. Anderson and Itty Bitty Toys. He’s even cute from the back!


I had to resist my urge to do a “proper” full pom-pom with as much yarn as I could stuff into my Clover maker. Instead, I counted wraps just like the pattern-writer said and I took the additional step of using my sewing machine to sew all the pom-pom bits together. I figured the biggest pom-pom danger is having pieces fall out. Hopefully this will keep Mr. Bunny’s tail intact for the long haul.


Of course, Susan was right. The slightly scraggly pom-pom looks much better than the really full one!

I figured Mr. Bunny wouldn’t mind meeting some of the other animals in the store. He played with Baby Bobbi Bear for a little while


And he hung around with the store’s Gauge Chickens for a little bit too.

See those three chickens? Knit with the exact same yarn and exact same needle by three different knitters. That’s why they’re “gauge chickens.”

All in all, another Susan B. Anderson success story. If you want to knit toys, Itty Bitty Toys is full of great patterns.



Pattern: Bunny from Itty Bitty Toys by Susan B. Anderson
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton
Quantity: One skein did everything but his feet and ears. Ears were leftover yarn from the Owls, as were his feet and tail.
Needles: US 5, magic loop, KnitPicks Options
Started: 17 April 2011
Finished: 26 April 2011
Mods: None


turtlegirl76 said...

Cute! I love the tail and the floppy ears.

Sarah said...

So cute! And a very clever idea to use a sewing machine to stitch together the pompom strands.

floribunda said...

Luv it! I bought that book recently and need to get moving...

Jenn said...

That was a great idea to use the sewing machine on the tail!

elementalfibers said...

Love it. Especially the ears and scruffy tail!