Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rep Weave Placemats

Another weave-along from the Warped Weavers group on Ravelry. And another project where I learned a ton.

That’s where these placemats are living now, on my kitchen table.

Where do I even start with these? I should probably have wound this warp in three bouts. Instead, I jammed all of it onto my warping board in one shot. Oops. That meant one side of the warp was slightly longer than the other. And the whole thing was harder to tie on.

Four placemats, all in a row. Not everybody got four full placemats out of the kit. I did. By inches.

I also couldn’t count when I was winding the warp. I ran out of the dark blue carpet warp about 60 yards shy of completing the warp. Contacted Yarn Barn, who was wonderful about sending me another cone to finish my kit. And then, to my horror, I discovered I had wound 52 extra warp ends in a section that included the dark blue. Oops. Again.


Once I got the warp tied on and was weaving, pretty much every shed was sticky, but I got it figured out and the weaving went pretty quickly.


I used my serger to cut the placemats apart. It was wonderful. And while I was serging the placemats I realized I couldn’t go ahead and sew these hems on my sewing machine. So I sucked it up and whipstitched them by hand. As seen above.


All in all, I love the finished project. Which is good. Because I need to do another set as a Christmas present.


Rep Weave Placemats

Started: Warp was wound in February, 2011.
Finished Weaving: 28 September 2011
Finished, for real: 10 October 2011
Thread: Carpet warp in three colors, mop cotton in white
Quantity: Four placemats. Barely.


turtlegirl76 said...

Very cool! They have a neat pattern to them. The finishing looks great.

Donna Lee said...

These are my favorites of all the things you've done so far. They look so clean and crisp and just plain beautiful.

Sarah said...

These are awesome!

Cathie Jones said...

I love those placemats, and now I wish I was on your Christmas list! There's just no end to your talents. ;-)

Mim58 said...

The placemats are beautiful!