Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dawn Gnot

Dawn Gnot reportedly works for a yarn company specializing in acrylic yarn, but was captured by CSI Purl City Police Detective Moss Stitch for the crime of putting knots in skeins of yarn.
-from pattern description

It was snowing in big puffy flakes that were sticking. I had to take a picture!

These socks were designed by my friend Heather Zoppetti. I like her, and this sock pattern, enough to suffer through a standard toe-up toe, which is annoying, but do-able when necesary.


I did make one small alteration to the pattern. I took the 35 stitches on the back of the sock (oh yeah. I also took the 68-stitch pattern to 70 stitches) and executed a mistake rib pattern on the back of the leg. It made the leg plenty stretchy to compensate for the tightness of the cable in front.

Plus, I kind of love mistake rib. I got addicted when I did Cristi’s Calvin & Ripple Socks.


I also added one column of stockingette stitches to each edge of the cable pattern to set off the mistake rib. I still can’t table without a needle on socks (my gauge is tight for socks. If those bad boys get “into the wind,” they are off to the races.) but by the time I finished the second sock, I hardly noticed.


The socks fit perfectly. I love them, they’re great. So is the yarn I used, dyed by my friend Sairy, who runs the Stitches ‘n Rows Etsy site.

Oh, and I thought this last photo was crucial. After seeing Heather’s Dansko Marah shoes at Bloomin Yarns’ Black Friday sale, I had to have a pair. I love them tons, just like my awesome new socks. Thanks, Heather!


Dawn Gnot Socks

Pattern: Dawn Gnot by Heather Zoppetti
Yarn: Stitches ‘n Rows luxe soles
Color: Royalty
Quanity: 1 skein (430 yds, racquetball-sized leftover cake)
Needles: US 2.5mm 16” ChiaoGoo red lace circs
Started: 1 January 2012
Finished: 16 January 2012
Mods: Knit over 70 sts instead of 68.
Subbed mistake rib for the stockingette on the back of the leg.
Pair #1 for “12 socks in 2012” Ravelry group


Mitchypoo said...

Wow, gorgeous! Gorgeous yarn, color, pattern and knitting.

mehitabel said...

Perfection! Love the color and that cable. As well as the shoes--hmm, might have to see if those come in narrow widths...

Trillian42 said...

Beautiful socks!

And aren't Danskos the best? I've honestly lost count of how many pair I have. The Marahs are awesome - might have to look for them!

Sarah said...

These are absolutely gorgeous! The cable on the front of the sock is just spectacular, and the yarn really shows it off so well.

Donna Lee said...

If you love the Danskos, check out their outlet store. Shoes are half price and they have lots of styles.

The socks are gorgeous. I don't mind a standard toe up toe. I never actually worked with the cat bordhi socks even though I have read through the book many times.

sairy said...


I love the mistake rib. I think I may add that little design feature in on my next pair :)