Thursday, August 09, 2012

WiP Wed…Thursday

I swear, I took these pictures yesterday and just didn’t get around to writing the blog post.

There has been a good chunk of knitting on the Swirl. Aside from having one knot in each skein (so far) of Rustic, I’ve been happy with the knit so far. Fortunately, Rustic is a quick and easy spit-splice.


When I took this picture, I was on Welt #10. Now I’m about to start #13. Here’s a slight zoom on Wednesday’s progress.


I’ve also had a good sized sewing project percolating this week. It’s fun, and now I need to sit down and start sewing. Zoom.

(Yes. The fabric is a little bit blurred. Yay Photoshop.)

One final note. Four years ago today, this happened. Hugh is coaching the U.S. Women’s volleyball team this quad. Earlier today, they won their semifinal to advance to the gold medal match. I hope they bring home gold.

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Sarah said...

Love how the Swirl is knitting up. As soon as I can get my mother to pick a pattern and yarn, I'm going to be starting one of my own!