Thursday, September 27, 2012

I.B. Footsie

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I finished a pair of socks for me. It appears that I haven’t blogged them yet, so here goes.


I picked this pattern, I.B. Footsie by Heather Zoppetti, because I’d already knit a pair of her CSI Socks (Dawn Gnot) and loved them. And it would play nicely with a skein from my ever-growing SpaceCadet collection.


It did cross my mind to switch these to Upstream socks, but I didn’t want to reverse-engineer the stitch pattern, so I left it as-is. I even used DPNs as-written! My lone set of Signature DPNs, actually.


It took a little while for me to get the stitch pattern memorized, but once that happened, these socks zipped right along.

Toe Pic!

I even did the toes as-written, although I modified slightly to make the toe more rounded (decreased every round, not every other round for the last six rounds). Then I kitchnered.


The heel is almost as-written. I did make one mod, based on the strong recommendation of my friend Turtlegirl76. The double-gusset heel! She’s right (of course). It does cup your heel really nicely, and I like that it takes the gusset decreases out of play, leaving a nice clean transition from leg to foot. Need a better look?


OK, so it’s kind of difficult to take a picture of the sole of your own foot. Sue me. In all, this was a fun, quick knit. The calendar may not show that it was quick, but that was because I put it down for long stretches, primarily because I didn’t want to mess with DPNs outside of home. I am sure I’ll enjoy wearing this pair for many winters to come.


I.B. Footsie Socks 
Pattern: I.B. Footsie by Heather Zoppetti 
Yarn: SpaceCadet Creations Estelle 
Color: Calm Before the Storm 
Quantity: roughly 60% of the 430-yard skein 
Needles: US 1.5 (2.5mm) Signature DPNs
Started: 8 April 2012 
Finished: 14 July 2012 
Mods: Double-gusset heel, rounder toe than written.


Sarah said...

Very nice! I do love the double gusset.

Donna Lee said...

I like them! I've never seen a double gusset heel. I'm going to look that up and check it out. I make so many pairs of socks that it might be a good thing to add to my skill set.

Jenn said...

They are lovely! I've done the double gusset heel once using a Turtlegirl pattern, and I'm totally sold on it.