Thursday, May 31, 2007


So we're back from Pittsburgh. It was a productive 2+ day trip.

We arrived in the 'Burgh on Monday night. Tuesday morning, I woke up and promptly kicked the crap out of the bed frame. This is a "two days later" photo. On Tuesday night, that entire 2nd toe was pretty shades of purple and navy blue.

It's not broken. Even from the get-go, I could push down on the toe and it didn't hurt. Just hurt when I'd pull the toe up and put pressure on the top of the toe. It's pretty well healed now, just a little purple near the nail.

Anyhoo, the Hubster my mom and I hit the roads of Mt. Lebanon and saw 15 houses on Tuesday over a six-hour span (one hour break for lunch is included in that). Saw four "definite maybes." and 10 "no's."

After taking some time to regroup and rest, we sat down and talked about what we had seen and reviewed all the pictures I had taken. We also stopped by the house I grew up in just to scope it out and compare. That house has been on the market since last July and has been unoccupied since November. The parentals haven't had great luck getting it sold (obviously)

Of the four "definite maybes" my favorite house was rejected based on location. Too far south (Upper St. Clair), and it was situated on a three-house lane off of a "regular" suburbs road. Hubster's commute wouldn't have been fun, and we were both a little concerned about how that lane might or might not be plowed come wintertime.

The second "maybe" got vetoed b/c the Hubster didn't like it as much as I did. I went along because there was minimal natural light on the inside. Cool, but not great.

That left us with two houses we wanted to see again. One was owned by an architect and had been re-done almost entirely on the inside, plus a bit of an addition to the back of the house. Creative use of space, I really enjoyed the house, but the basement, which would be Quilt Central, was pretty small. Hubster was unhappy with the second, closer inspection of that house.

The second one bore out what mom had noticed when we walked in the front door the previous day. Same first-floor floorplan as the house I grew up in, with a little bit of an addition built on the back. Very similar upstairs with bedrooms. Basement was larger than finalist #1, but the master wasn't as nice. Your basic 1950s bathroom both in colors and size.

So we went back to my parents current abode (they left on a 10-day cruise Wednesday morning). Ran an errand. Talked to a family friend who is an architect. Went to dinner.

Made a pretty much final decision. This (no, not Heinz Field). I'm excited, but didn't expect this outcome. I guess I should have, though. Both my brother and my best friend called it ... after I told them what we've decided.

Now we just have to wait for that cruise to get back to land!

Since I'm pretty wiped out, I'm gonna finish watching the last game of the WCWS then hit the sack. Quilting tomorrow night. Woo-Hoo! :)


SJ said...

Sorry about the toe -- I do that thing all the time (I walk into a lot of furniture!), so I know what the pain is like. Ick.

Lisa said...

I just knew it... Love the new place. Congrats!