Sunday, May 27, 2007

RT does Hollywood

So the hubster and I are checking things off of our very short list. That list is entitled "things we want to do before we GO." As in leave Los Angeles. For good. Only to return to visit dear friends (and to enhance the quilting and knitting stash, of course) :)

The number one thing on my list was the Griffith Observatory. It re-opened last fall after being closed for four years for a massive renovation. We never made it before the reno ... actually wasn't even on the radar until some friends put a pic of them at the observatory in their Christmas card just before it closed in 2002.

The way things work with the Observatory these days is that you buy a timed entry. So we did that this morning and got up to Hollywood a little early.

So Roaming Tigger visited some of the sites near Hollywood and Highland while we waited for our shuttle time. Hubster and I had seen most of the sites in the area and the Hollywood & Highland area is ... well ... a little gross. But, we went to Grauman's Chinese Theater and checked out the hand/footprints. RT was feeling photogenic, so ...

Here's JAAAAAAACK. RT can't handle the truth!

One of my all-time favorite actors, and the star of one of the top-five movies of all time, IMHO.

And the royalty of all hollywood couples ...

We eventually got up to the Observatory. It was really fun and I highly recommend it. If you're local, you have no excuse.

The Hubster and I took a few photos while we were up there and had a good time. But those photos are boring. So here's RT at the Observatory.

And, a special photo just for all of you who enjoy space jokes :)

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SJ said...

Would you believe my hands fit exactly into the handprints of Audrey Hepburn?