Monday, August 18, 2008

RT Does Toronto (Part 1)

Hubster and I took a “Fake-ation 2008” side trip last week and spent the bulk of Wednesday and Thursday in Toronto. I took a bunch of fun pictures, so I’m splitting this thing up so I don’t get too photo-heavy.

Chris, RT and I started off at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

The “showcase” part of the HOF is an old bank. Neat building.

The entrance, though, isn’t that cool door on the corner. It’s inside. Downstairs. In the food court of the mall. Seriously.

We saw great big statue dudes at the entrance

See the Hubster hiding in the background? (above)

We saw a replica of the Montreal Canadiens locker room

Put me in, coach!

RT wanted his picture taken with the real Stanley Cup. None of this replica crap.

I win!

Did you know that the Stanley Cup that they carry around to all the venues, etc., has a replica cup at the top? And those five big bands at the bottom? The top one gets flattened and put in the HOF when the bottom one fills up and they have to put a new one on.

We saw lots of Jimmy Craig’s stuff from the 1980 Olympics

Do you believe in Miracles? Yes!

We saw a group we recognized while we were in the Hall

Smile! You’re on Candid Camera!

It’s the Steelers magazine show (TV) guys. They were in town for the Steelers-Bills game at the Rogers Centre (Yes, I mean Centre! It’s in Canada, after all!) on Thursday night.

On the way out, RT saw a bunch of kids playing hockey. He wanted to join in, but he didn’t have his skates with him, so he just sat on the bench with them for a bit.

Oh wait. It’s summer! No outdoor skating in the summer!

So that was the first half of Wednesday’s itinerary. The food court entrance should have been a tip-off. We were a little disappointed in the Hockey HOF. But maybe that’s just because we have been spoiled by Canton, which is a fabulous HOF.

That’s enough for tonight, but I’ll give you a little hint about our next stop on Wednesday.

I stole DPUTiger’s wallet again! (muwahahaha!!!)

And now, sunset pictures from Saturday. Enjoy!


Jenn said...

Ooh, is that Lorna's Laces in the cubby below the one RT is sitting in?

SJ said...

It's been years since I was last at the Hockey HOF, but I definitely remember the weird through-the-mall entrance.

Now you're reminding me that it's been a while since I've watched "Miracle." Think it's about time for another viewing.

Jen said...

Wow - look at those waves! Can't wait to see the recap of the next leg of your trip.

Yvonne said...

Gorgeous sunset photos! And I can't wait to see pics from LK!!