Sunday, August 31, 2008

Beach Day

After a fairly crappy Saturday, today was a nearly perfect day here at the Lake.

I was up early to see my parent off on their vacation to Nova Scotia. I sat on the front porch and read my favorite brain candy for two hours, reading a book start to finish.

Then I wandered down the street to visit six of my favorite humans. I know I’ve mentioned the Blackburns before several times. They’re truly wonderful people. Without even trying, I received and accepted a dinner invitation. A far superior choice to running into town to get dinner to eat alone, which was my original plan.

After coming home and having leftover ribs …

Oh yeah. We had the VBP RibFest last night. Winning the ribs contest is like playing hot potato. It means you have to host next year and nobody wants to do that. Here’s the passing of the crown …

Tony, on the right, is the two-year champion. We didn’t have a RibFest last year since his mother was extremely ill. Dan, on the left, is our new champion. He has won previously.

And we had a cool sunset

Saturday’s Sunset

… So back to today. After having rib leftovers for lunch, I went down to the beach. Today was an almost perfect beach day. It was too hot to just sit on the beach, so I went swimmin’ Twice! There were a ton of people in the water, since the lake was dead calm and a perfect temperature for a hot day.

After I was properly sunned, I came back up to the house and got quite near the end of my second book of “brain candy” for the day. Then I had a really great bike ride, finished my book, showered and went down for dinner.

We got a little silly after dinner when we all started taking pictures of each other taking pictures :)


Bill (L) and Chuck

Joann and Bill

Then Ann and I took a goodly number of sunset photos

I went inside for a bit then said my goodbyes. Ann, Chuck, Doug and Andrea (last two were not pictured. They hid inside. Doug is a good friend who is 10 years younger than your friendly local DPUTiger. Ann is Bill & Joann’s daughter. Doug is Ann & Chuck’s son. Confused yet?) leave to go back to Indianapolis tomorrow. I’ll leave to go home and then spend the week in Mississippi. I hope to have another week up here before the end of the summer, but today has been great.

Oh, and we had fireworks in Barcelona tonight! Nearly no booms, pretty show from a distance. Actually, five local communities had fireworks displays tonight. We could see flashes from two of them in addition to the Barcelona show. Much fun!


SJ said...

Love the sunset pictures, as always!

Donna Lee said...

Saturday here was a yucky day but Sunday and today are beautiful. We are off to a picnic in the woods to enjoy the beautiful weather. So sad that summer is over.....

Jen said...

What a wonderful looking community! And I am so jealous of your parents. Nova Scotia is on the short list of places that I'd love to visit, and I am totally jonesing for some traveling right now!