Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Raffle Time!

Greetings from Starkville, Mississippi, where I am ensconced on a quite comfy window seat in my hotel room that will get its picture taken for a future post. I got to spend yesterday in Oxford with my friend Bill. I had a fantastic time and it was hard to leave, but for now, I have a bigger topic on my mind.

Earlier today, I received an email from a good friend that I’ve been getting annually for quite a while.

Krista is a dear college friend of mine. We were sorority sisters and good friends at DePauw (in case you’ve ever wondered where my username came from? DePauw University’s mascot is the Tigers …)

When I first started thinking about starting to quilt nine years ago, Krista is who I emailed for advice. To my left coast quilty friends? You know Mary Ellen’s “Welcome to the North Pole” quilt that she taught several times at Bearly? If you read the “thank-yous” in the front credits of that book, the Piece O’Cake authors thank Krista’s mom and praise her quilt shop in Broken Arrow, Okla., in that book!

Anyhoo, Krista and her family live in Madison, Wisconsin. They have spent years dealing with two kids who have Type I diabetes. For the past several years, they have participated in the Madison Walk for Diabetes and this year is no different.

I have already pledged to Team Tweed, as I try to every year. But I’d like to help Krista do a little more.

So I’m offering all of you a chance to chip in :-) You can read more about Team Tweed at their JDRF page. I offer to you a chance to win stuff if you contribute to Team Tweed!

Like I said, I’m in Mississippi until late Friday night so I can’t tell you exactly what I’m offering quite yet but y’all know I have quite the sock yarn and I promise it’ll be something good. If you’re more of a quilty type, I’ll find something similar to send along if you win.

You will get one entry into my raffle for each $10 you pledge to Team Tweed. If you’re interested in making a pledge, CLICK HERE. You can read more about Krista’s family there too. If you decide to donate, make a note in the “Message to Walker” box and Krista will give me your info.

Once I get home, I’ll pick out some cool yarns and get pictures up. I know not everyone has disposable income for this kind of stuff, but a little can go a long way and I figured this little raffle idea might be fun.

Hope everyone has had a good Wednesday. Please cross your fingers that my all-day meetings on Thursday go well. This could be a big day for me work-wise, and make much of the miserable go away. That’s it from Starkville! I’ll try very hard to check in after the 12 hours of meetings on Thursday, but no promises!


Jen said...

What a nice thing to do! :)

Hope you enjoy your stay in Mississippi, even if you have to work!

turtlegirl76 said...

Hope your meetings don't suck too much! Hang in there!

SJ said...

My fingers are crossed that much of your miserable goes away!