Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ouch (but in a good way!)

First of all, thanks very much to everyone who donated. Krista’s Team Tweed exceeded their goal for the JDRF walk and finished with over $6600 fundraised for diabetes research. I’ll pick the winners later in the week. I’m just too tired to do it tonight.

It has been a good three days up here so far. I worked hard on Friday morning so I could sneak in a little beach time. I wanted to take a bike ride, but the cupboard was bare (No. Really. When I say “bare” I mean it. There was one egg in the house an when I tried to cook it for breakfast, it revealed that it was stuck to the carton and shattered in my hand. So I had toast. A neighbor took pity on me and fed me a ham sandwich for lunch. And that was pretty much all the food in the house), so I went into town for groceries instead.

I got home just in time for sunset

I’d like to officially protest the early-ness of sunset these days. Bah, Humbug!

On Saturday, I ran some errands. I went to a little local crafts shop and found a great beach glass necklace for myself (that I love) and got some Christmas decorating stuff that you’ll see eventually. Then I stopped by the local quilt shop and the local yarn store for quick visits. I went to the beach again, and wound up taking a 90-minute walk on the beach.

So I skipped the bike ride. I figured that even if I hadn’t done an official workout pace, 90 minutes of walking counts as exercise. After a shower, I watched sunset and then enjoyed the LSU-Auburn game. Here’s a look at the sunset

Today was busy. I woke up and got my bike put back together (I had taken the flat tire to Pittsburgh, the front tire was also off so my sag wagon brother could bring me home after the flat, and I re-filled my saddlebag with everything I need to fix a flat on the road if I need to) then hit the road. It was the longest bike ride I’ve taken in at least 10 years. I went 11 miles and it took about an hour. There was one ass-kicking hill, but I made it!!!

Then, because I am silly, I decided that it was most definitely not a beach day (really. It wasn’t) but that didn’t mean I couldn’t go for a walk on the beach.

So I did! Two hours later (!!!) I was home with a huge pocket full of beach glass. I had a semi-yucky dinner (apparently, this oven runs hot, and I should have checked on my pizza earlier, but I was starving so I ate it anyway) and have been trying to watch three things simultaneously (football, baseball, emmys). My legs ache and I’m gonna sleep like a rock tonight.

No sunset today. Just a blanket of gray from about 12:30 pm on. Hope you guys had as good of a weekend as I did! Happy fall equinox! (did you try to balance an egg on its end today?)


Jenn said...

I will join you in protesting the earliness of sunset! And last year on the vernal equinox, Tom balanced on egg on its end. I've read that it's just a myth and you can balance an egg anytime, but it was neat anyway.

SJ said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I feel like I needed another day (don't I always?).

Daniele said...

Lots of fresh air for you this weekend! I forgot about the egg thing.... Dang! :)

Yvonne said...

I always forget about the egg thing. Sounds like you had a very nice weekend (other than the lack of food in the house!). I didn't do the egg thing. Ah, well.

Donna Lee said...

Another protest here for the earliness of sunset. I'm always surprised to look up and it's dark already. Sounds like you had a good weekend.