Thursday, September 25, 2008

OK, I’m Ready

I feel like I blinked and missed this entire summer. I know a lot of that stems from my unhappy work situation for most of July/June/August. But, it’s water under the bridge and there’s nothing that can be done about it. And, things are getting better, so there's hope! :)

I’ve been at the Lake since last Thursday night. Aside from my iPod bricking on the trip up (please keep your fingers crossed that Gandalf can be resurrected when he’s plugged back in to our PC laptop, which is in Pittsburgh), it has been a wonderful week.

Take this to the bank: I will be taking a vacation up here next September. A real vacation, where I don’t even turn on my work computer for days on end. Right now, that sounds like heaven. It’s so incredibly peaceful up here at this time of year. There isn’t another person within two houses in any direction. I walked down to the beach at noon today and didn’t see another human as far as the eye can see. No kids. Few adults. Just peace.

Today has been a perfect weather day. Low-mid 70s. Light breeze. Calm, crystal-clear Lake. A walk on the beach. A paddle in the kayak. A few hours sitting in the sun.

And now it’s time to wrangle all the bits and pieces I’ve accumulated up here over the summer and head for home. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be up some time next month with my mom to close the house for the year, but otherwise? This is it. And I'm mentally ready to head home until next June.*

As soon as this is posted, I’ll pack the car, visit my favorite humans down the street (who are headed back to Florida in the morning), grab a shower, hopefully snap a few sunset pictures and start driving to Pittsburgh. I’ll have photos of sunset and today's adventure later on and I have a FO-post that I haven’t managed to get posted, but I’m working on it.

See you once I’m back to real life.

*Please don't confuse this for me being ready for LeafWars 2008. I'm certainly not ready for that yet!


Jen said...

Hope you enjoyed your final moments at the lake. Sounds divine!

Jenn said...

No matter how much I get out and do things during the summer, I always feel like it flew by and I missed the whole thing. Sounds like you had a great week!

Daniele said...

It really did fly by. Here's hoping to wonderful planned vacations next year! Can't wait to see the "last" sunset. :)

Jess said...

Ahhh. Sounds so peaceful.

Hope your Ipod comes back to life! I bet it will. :)