Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bad Blogger, No Cookie

I know, I know. I owe you guys:

• Raffle Winners
• Photos of my kayak trip on the last day I was at the Lake
• Sunset photos from that same night
• Finished object post of my clapotis
• Various and assorted ramblings on my life

But I’ve been feeling awfully swamped. Nothing bad, just a lot of responsibilities and significant concerns that I am going to let something Important fall through the cracks.

So I’ll just chime in that I’ve been knitting Christmas presents. Mitered hanging cloths

For best friend’s sister to go with a dishcloth set

And ballband dishcloths

For best friend’s mom to go with mitered hanging cloths
(they're navy and red. Photo ain't the greatest)

And the Sweater that May Never End

All garter! All the time!

The sweater is taking For. Ev. Er. It’ll speed up significantly when I get past the decreases for the sleeves and the torso gets narrower.

So what did I do to speed that progress? Well, I kind of cast on a pair of Barts in my May Rockin’ Sock Club yarn. Hey, I’d gone over a month without a sock on the needles. We can’t let that continue!

I submitted a photo of Dolores for the campaign trail. I have no illusions that I’ll win, but it was fun anyway.

Nothing particularly exciting going on here. I’m hoping that I can get the backhoe into the basement on Sunday and get my sewing area up and functional again. One can hope, right?

I’ll try to do better in future days. Stick with me, please!

***QUICK PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT*** If you live in the U.S. and are eligible to vote, please don't forget that registration deadlines are coming up fast. The first few registration deadlines hit over the weekend, and my home state of Pennsylvania is Monday, October 6.

Voting is important. Really important. And this is a very important time for the U.S. So please register and vote!


SJ said...

Your Dolores pictures crack me up!

A months without a pair of socks on the needles? Wow. I think I'd be all twitchy by now. Actually, I think I'm starting to get a little twitchy. I think I have to wind the newest sock club yarn.

Jenn said...

Stockinette stitch is boring and mindless, but I hatehatehate garter stitch. At least your colors are pretty, maybe that makes it more tolerable!

Jen said...

Hope everything calms down for you soon!

Donna Lee said...

I'm working on my Dolores photo. I think I'll take her to the Sheep Breeders Show this weekend.

MollyBeees said...

LOVE the mitered dishcloths! Great work. Hang in there, things will slow down soon-winter's coming!

Daniele said...

Love the dishcloths. Where did you get the pattern for the mitered ones? Love them - and what a great Christmas idea!

I've been doing a lot of plain garter lately, but it was the BSJ and that goes fast! Gotta love EZ.

Can't wait to see your other projects and pictures. Kayaking - how much fun!

I'm registered! Yay! :)