Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WiP Wednesday: ::Yawn!:: edition

Not much going on this week, so things look much the same as last week.

No progress on the Incredible Shrinking Barts. (cue elevator music while I wait for the USPS to arrive with the yarn to finish them)

Not a stitch on the Christmas Class Socks. (both of my students canceled less than an hour before the last class was supposed to start last Saturday. I’m hopeful they’ll show up tomorrow night)

Haven’t touched the Political Bolero. Maybe next week.

A tiny bit of progress in the Land of Dishcloths

And finally, I had to have a mindless project to take to the game on Sunday, so allow me to introduce to you

The Koigu Kermit socKs!

Yarn is Koigu (duh) from stash. The green reminds me of my favorite frog, although it's less neon than our favorite amphibian friend.

I cast on when I got settled into my seat around 1 pm Sunday. And I lost about two hours of knitting time when someone I already didn’t like decided it would be rude for me to knit during the game. Oh well. I still got a good three hours in. These are going very quickly and I had forgotten how great Koigu is. I picked this yarn because it was already wound. That’s it. That’s the list!

I’ve started sewing again as well. The basement was almost perfectly picked up before I set up the sewing stuff. I’d show you what I’m working on quilting-wise, but then I’d have to shoot you.

Hopefully some non-secret sewing is coming up soon. Meanwhile, I’ve been to the gym five times since I mentioned it last (yay!) and am continuing along as a busy little bee.

Happy Wednesday!


Daniele said...

It is never rude to knit during the game!! ;)

Yvonne said...


Today's verification word? Outoe. Weird.

LisaBe said...

rude to knit during a game? because...the players are going to look up into the stands and see you doing that and be offended? wow. that's new.

Jess said...

They were rude for telling you its rude to kit during the game. I mean, come on, what's it got to do with them!?
You need to send some of that sewing/organizing the sewing room mojo my way, I haven't sewn in AGES.

turtlegirl76 said...

You haven't got the yarn yet? Or at least by Wednesday. Do you have it now? I sent it last friday!