Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Monday: Fail!

It wasn’t a good Monday.

I stayed up way too late, but there was a reason for that. It allowed me to finish one of the M&M quilts I had in my house so I could mail it back to Cali today.

You see, there are eight people in my M&Ms (Melrose Mondays) quilting mini-group. These are my dearest friends and they have been angels for putting up with me and my tardiness this whole year. This whole weekend, I had three of the eight M&Ms quilts in my house. This is not OK.

So I got one of them finished over the weekend and mailed to Lisa today. HOORAY! I finally got the guts to open the next box today (this particular quilt top has been a little scary in my head. Not sure why.) and will hopefully get most of that row done tomorrow so I can get IT mailed off to Lisa.

Then I’ll just have Beth’s quilt. The one I’m supposed to have right now that’s due back in California by December 8 for the big reveal. The sewing area is all set up and going gangbusters. And maybe getting Beth’s quilt done will inspire me to get back to work on my Starr Designs quilt!

Anyhoo, I was up too late last night. But I got up on time and got going pretty well on my morning.

The first half hour or so, I was floating along doing my regular morning web surfing since I didn’t actually have any work I could do. Then I got a few files to chew on from my boss, so I got down to work.

About halfway through cleaning up the first file, I realized that I made a potentially fatal mistake on the file I tackled last week. The biggest one in the whole book. Half of our membership. 70+ pages of the 220 pages of directory. I forgot to put in the email addresses. Crap.

So I spent pretty much the rest of the day fixing that mistake. But I did it! 100% of the stuff I’ve been given has been returned to my boss in PDF format for proofing. Yay!

Of course, halfway through this afternoon’s marathon formatting session, I realized that there was a column I was supposed to edit and get passed along to the person who does our newspaper. Fortunately, she was really cool about the fact that I flat-out forgot about proofing the thing and sending it off to her.

I finished working at about 9:15 pm, during the first quarter of the Steelers game. Yay Steelers! Yay "Redskins Effect!" :)

No pictures tonight. Sorry ‘bout that, but most of the last three days have been quilting stuff that I can’t show you because it’s for the M&Ms stuff and the quilt-owner reads the blog. Oh, and I have a great “fail” post for the Kermit socks, but I’ll hold that for WiP Wedensday

So instead, I’ll just end this blog post by saying that if you are reading this, an American citizen and able to vote, please make time to vote on Tuesday. It’s important.



SJ said...

Glad you had a productive day in spite of the hiccups.

You'll be happy to hear that I dragged Jon out of bed early and we were at the polls by 6:55. By 7:20, we'd both cast our votes!

Daniele said...

Wow! You've been busy! Good for you for catching up on the quilts. I think you should get a gold star! :)

Jess said...

Glad you got your stuff done- its a good thing you caught your mistake.

I voted for the first time ever this election! Thanks for the reminder. :)