Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear Franklin,

I really like your little book. I've read about half of it and have been keeping it handy for a nice chuckle when I need it. Which has been often over the last few days and weeks.

But tonight? We had a little accident. You see, I was trying to get a little bit of sewing time in on the last of the M&M quilts and was picking up the day's family/TV room debris to take into the kitchen. A used mug of tea, an empty soft drink cup and my water bottle.

Well, you see, I kind of missed when I went to pick up the water bottle.

And dumped about 18 oz of water all over your cute little book. And the top of the cabinet where it was sitting. I think I might need another copy :-(

Oh, and since the cabinet is built in to my wall, the water snuck down the wall into the cabinet.

Which held (almost) my entire sock yarn stash.

My bears tried to help, but once they started to drip, it all went downhill from there.

For a few seconds, I held my breath, hoping that not very much water had gone down the wall. Then I pulled out the first skein of yarn and knew I had a problem. I started taking out all the yarn and divided into two piles: Wet, which was blotted "dry" and tossed into the path of the heating duct to air-dry, and Dry, which was piled on my seat on the couch.

The "Wet" pile grew when I realized that the water had not only run down the wall, but pooled nicely both on the interior shelf and the bottom of the cabinet. Nice work there!

There will be no photographic evidence of this natural disaster. We'll just say that I probably have too much sock yarn, it all has to be put away tomorrow (Hubster returns from Charlotte tomorrow night and the cleaning crew is here on Thursday), and I'm happier than I should be that he wasn't home to witness the carnage. I'm just a little bit horrified by my stash.

M&M quilt got about 1/8 finished tonight, but it's no longer making my brain bleed, so the rest should go relatively quickly.

Famous last words, right?


LisaBe said...

dude. that SUCKS. i mean, the book is easily replaced, but stash. man, don't mess with the stash. crossing my fingers that it all turns out okay. :-\

SJ said...

Oh noes! Well, trying to put a positive spin on this, at least it was water! The yarn will dry, but imagine if it had be tea. You could have had wet and stained yarn, right?

See you tonight!

SJ said...

Make that "had BEEN tea." My brain isn't awake yet.

Donna Lee said...

yea, glad it was the water. I love Franklin's book. It's full of humor and made me laugh.

MollyBeees said...

Oy! What a mess. Doncha hate when that happens? Was your book signed?

Yvonne said...

Show the stash! Show the stash! Show the stash!

Jenn said...

At least it was only water that hit spilled and not soft drink, that would have been ugly!

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh Dear. I dunno what sucks more. Ruining the book or getting the yarn wet! At least when the yarn dries it'll be just fine. Poor book. =(