Monday, November 05, 2007

Two Scarfs Are Better Than One

With apologies to The Boss, who I will be seeing up-close and in-person on Nov. 14 …

I went out walking the other day
Seen a little girl crying along the way

(Someone must have stolen her scarf!)
She’d been hurt so bad said she’d never love again
And you’ll find once again

(It’s warmer when you remember your winter accessories!)
Two scarfs are better than one
Two scarfs girl get the job done
Two scarfs are better than one!

Steelers scarf
Pattern: Year 1-2 House Scarf from Charmed Knits by Alison Hansel
Yarn: Cascade 220, 2 skeins each of black and gold
Needles: US8 (5.0mm) 16” bamboo circs from KA. These were GREAT needles and I would certainly recommend/buy again. Finish and joins were great.
Started/Completed: 6 Aug/25 Oct 2007

This was a great project that I could easily be convinced to do again. It’s longer than the pattern (90” including fringe) because I just knit until I ran out of one of the two colors (unsurprisingly, that turned out to be the black). I wet-blocked the scarf sans fringe and put the fringe on last Friday. The fringe is what really makes this scarf. I’m probably going to wear it to work tonight where I can show it off :) Hubster took a pic of me modeling the scarf, but Derf is a much better model.

Jaywalker Scarf
Pattern: A hybrid of Jaywalker Scarf patterns from Javajem and Turtlegirl

CO 44
RS: K4 (garter border), *K4, KFB, KFB, K4, DD* twice, K4, KFB, KFB, K4, K4 (garter border)
WS: K4, Slip 2 knitwise, put back on left needle, P2tog, Purl to last 2 before border, P2tog, K4

Yarn: One orphan skein of ShiBui in Marine, one skein of Claudia Handpainted in Limeade
Needles: US6 (4.0mm) Lantern Moon ebony circs 36” (I love the ebony so much, I didn’t care that they were 36” circs
Started/Completed: 14 October/1 November 2007

A great traveling project, but I don’t love the colorways, so it’s headed to Mississippi so my best friend can gift it to either his sister or mom (his choice). Project started with a lone skein of ShiBui that was discounted because it had no mate that would allow it to be a pair of socks.

As I have previously mentioned, I can’t abide yarn overs in most patterns, so I used the “true” Jaywalker increases of KFB rather than the YO used by Javajem and Turtlegirl. It blocked to 60" and I'm extremely happy with the fabric of the scarf.

I’m swatching for a new scarf, have started another Jaywalker scarf (border-free) in the Yummy yarn. But really? I need to start attacking the 11 (!!!!!!) sweaters in this house that need only finishing or a little knitting-plus-finishing to be wearable. Yikes.


Jenn said...

Eleven sweaters?? Holy crap.

I love the Jaywalkers scarf. Maybe I'll break down and knit one. Do you have to work tonight? It's gonna be a cold one...

turtlegirl76 said...

They both look great! I can't believe you don't like the colors of the Jaywalker - I <3 them! Your mods look great too.

SJ said...

11?! Sheesh! I think I know what you'll be bringing to knit night tomorrow!

Love the scarves! I certainly hope you had the Steelers scarf last night -- what miserable weather! At least the game was good.