Friday, October 19, 2007

TGIF/YPF: Frustrated Hausfrau Edition

It’s Friday, so I’ll lead with the Yarn Pr0n.

When I said I’d gotten some yummy yarn for the next Jaywalker Scarf, I wasn’t kidding.

It’s 80% bamboo, 20% merino, 100% soft and pet-able.

Who knew the lighting in my basement would make such good pictures. And that my Macro function would be happier here than anywhere else I’ve tried it. How ‘bout that?

Dove met its fate this morning

The Steelers yarn is ready to tackle its next task. Most likely Jeweled Steps from New Pathways. It was the runner-up pattern when I decided to go with Dove for this yarn. The gauge I was getting on Dove actually matches the gauge for this pattern, so let’s all hope for a happier ending, m’kay?

I have also been cranking on my Steelers Scarf.

I’m basically at 62”. I’m past where the “pattern” says I should bind off, but I like longer scarfs and I’ve already cut the tassels for it, so I’m going to go until I run out of yarn and will re-evaluate at that point.

The Jaywalker scarf is also getting a chunk of attention.

It’s perfect portable knitting and fits wonderfully in a sock knitting pouch or the like.

After the first few rows, it’s very easy to read the pattern so you don’t have to refer to anything, you can just look at it and know if you’re still doing the right pattern or if you have screwed it up.

In other news, I finally accomplished one of my long-standing house goals. Making the guest bed.

But first …

If you leave a bottle of Windex lying down on an absorbent surface, it will make a puddle. I used the hair dryer to dry it out a little bit, then went ahead with the bed-making

There is still some not-quite-organized junk in this room, but if you want to come visit, we now have a place for you to sleep!

But seriously. How pathetic that my big accomplishments for the day are laundry and making the guest bed. *sigh* Maybe next week I'll be able to get more stuff DONE, since the only thing on my calendar is to meet up with Sandy and Deb somewhere in W.Va.

I have a post prepared for over the weekend, so hopefully I’ll get something up over the next two days. Tomorrow I’ll be at the Big Ketchup Bottle all day for a Pitt game. Hubster and I are both working for The Worldwide Leader In Sports (espn). I’ll be in an open-air booth, so please send warm thoughts to me. If this cold front finishes coming through, I’m afraid I’ll be part popsicle by the final gun. Brrr!


SJ said...

The sun is out, so I'm hoping you'll be warm enough dahn there in Hahnz Field.

Sorry again about Dove, but that yarn is just to pretty to be made into a sock it doesn't want to be. Fingers crossed it works with the new pattern!

Oh, and if you're looking for something to do next week, you're welcome to come over and clean my house! ;-)

Jen said...

I think that Steelers scarf would keep you warm in the open-air box. Knit faster!! :)

I envy your bed making. Mark and I (with the generous help of my parents) spent the weekend digging up the yard for new garden beds, mulching, seeding, edging and installing a new pole light! I so miss apartment-living sometimes...