Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Got Nuthin’

Well, I have some minor stuff. But no clever title. I’m sure you can deal with that.

I’m still cruising on Dove.

Have to say … I feel like something about this pattern is just the tiniest little bit “off.” Yeah, I kind of faked the swatch, but I DID measure once I had enough of the toe finished to see if I needed to start over. I did all the math that I was supposed to do (twice). I still feel like my foot should have been about 1/4 inch longer and that it’s a little too tight around.

Oh, and my RPI (rounds/inch) must be a lot higher than whoever knit the sample. When my diamond ended on the top of the sock, I was supposed to knit two more rows then do the ribbing and bind off. Nope. It would have been an anklet. Plus, I had a bunch of yarn still left in that hank, so I’m a few rows away from starting that ribbing. I’ll finish it soon, but I seem to have over-poked my left pointer finger with the little needle, so I’ve switched projects for a bit.

With that said, I'm still enjoying this book, and want to make more socks from this book. I just need an active portable project on larger needles (Steelers Scarf is larger needles, just not that portable any more).

I had a great little field trip to Bloomin’ Yarns on Friday (I can't WAIT for their website to be up!). As always, it was wonderful to see Michelle and chat for a bit. I found an “orphan” skein of ShiBui sock yarn (marine colorway) for 20% off and immediately thought of Turtlegirl’s Jaywalker scarf which is based off of Javajem’s masterpiece.

So I grabbed a coordinating skein of Claudia Handpaints limeaid and I’m off to the races.

It seems reeeally wide. [NOTE: Yes, that swatch is funky-looking. I cast on 30 and that was way too wide for a swatch, so I decreased it down to 20 because I'm lazy.] And my adaptation of their combined pattern seems kinda wonky. But I’m working on my ebony Lantern Moon US6’s and I’m enjoying it, so I’ll keep chugging tonight while I watch football and baseball.

There was one other gem that came home with me

A Lola Bunny Love kit!

It’s actually a very comprehensive little package … yarn (Schafer Lola, which is available at The Loopy Ewe), a darning needle, embroidery floss and poly filling. I’ve seen two of these bunnies in action and they are both adorable and easy!

Nice pr0n shot, huh? :)

I’ll get to Lola eventually, but right now my Jaywalker scarf is calling my name.

Oh, and does anyone have any freakin’ clue where to find the toggles that people use on drawstring bags? Or on the Everlasting Bagstopper? Talk about frustrating. I can’t even figure out what to call the damn things to Google them properly! Help!!

A little extra eye candy … this caught my eye as I was leaving the gym on Friday, and I had my camera with me.

And finally, this may be the coolest thing I've heard about the Stanley Cup's whereabouts since it spent the night at the bottom of Mario Lemieux's pool. Click that first link if you don't give a crap about hockey but enjoy all things Disney.


Yvonne said...

The toggles can be found at your local Joann Fabrics (assuming that it's bigger than my local Joann Fabrics). They're in the notions section. I used them to make seashell bags for the kids when we went to Florida. I actually have an extra one at home if you want...I'll bring it Wed. if you think you'll be there. :)

And holy word verification Batman:

mehitabel said...

That's cool about the Stanley Cup! And now I have to go look up those Jaywalker Scarf patterns to see if they might be a good use for some of that Koigu I've been collecting!