Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cookies. Leaves. Deer Poop.

It has been a boring week so far here at chez DPUTiger.

Today, I baked cookies. All morning. A batch of chocolate chip and a batch of snickerdoodles. Mom needed cookies for some hospital thing. I like to bake, so I baked them for her.

The task actually came in handy when we were without electricity for 80 minutes this morning. I always do my chocolate chippers by hand in their entirety, and I already had the butter for the snickerdoodles out and softened, so I was the bulk of the way ready. I wound up having everything as far as I could go without electricity and all of my bowls covered in Press & Seal ready to go to my parents place when the lights came back on.

So that took until about noon.

Otherwise, I’ve been ticking things off of my to-do list. Mostly making appointments for various and assorted things. Some other stuff.

Yesterday, I raked leaves in the yard. I know I actually made progress, but it’s hard to tell for the most part. The “big leaf” trees are actually not in our yard. We have oaks in the yards on either side of us, though, so we get a good chunk of overflow.

photo downloaded from whitetails.com

The shocking thing about leaf-raking was the sheer quantity of deer poop in our yard. It’s just amazing! We’ve always had deer making their way through to the woods in back, but I don’t ever remember having this much deer poop in the yard. And we won’t even approach the topic of the chipmunk habitrails through the yard.

Tomorrow, I head down to West Virginia to see Sandy, so WiPs may have to wait until Thursday. Can’t wait to see Sandy and Deb. I miss my Los Angeles peeps terribly, so it will be awesome to get a mini-fix. RT and I will take pictures and we’ll check in tomorrow!


Jen said...

I love to bake and am so jealous that you got to spend a whole morning doing it! :)

Have fun in WV!

SJ said...

Thanks for the virtual hug!

I have to tell you that I've had almost no appetite to speak of since the surgery, but reading about your cookies just gave me a powerful craving!

Jess said...

mmmmm cookies. I love them. I love making them. I love eating them. Any left by chance? mmmmm.