Monday, October 08, 2007

RT Does LR

This is a bit of a catch-up post. I’ll work from Friday’s post and go from there.

After the Hubster successfully negotiated tux pick-up on Friday (took forever. Was a mini-disaster), we went to lunch with the groom and my father-in-law. Yummy Mexican.

Hubster and I then field tripped to the aforementioned yarn store. There wasn’t anything that needed to come home with me, but if I lived in Little Rock, I would certainly spend a pretty good chunk of time at the Handworks Gallery.

Then it was off to Jacksonville, Ark., where the Hubster grew up. I got the driving tour, then we stopped to spend half an hour with one of his best friends from high school (who I had not met previously).

Then, it was off to the Double-Wide.

We only had an hour to check out the Clinton Library before closing time, but it was an enjoyable visit. I wish we had left more time to check it out.

Should we visit Little Rock again, I think we’ll do a repeat visit.

After the Clinton Library, we went and checked out the new ballpark in Little Rock

Until the 2007 season, the Arkansas Travelers played at Ray Winder. That’s the stadium where the Hubster grew up learning baseball and working games. This is Dickey-Stephens Park, the new home of the team. Yes, the Rockies-Phillies game was airing on the big screen in the empty park while we were there. We’re guessing/hoping that it was for the benefit of the patrons at the in-park restaurant.

We spent a good chunk of Friday night on the phone with our Realtor. Nothing official yet. Please keep your fingers crossed!!!

On Saturday, we set up for the wedding (hot humid and sweaty, but not awful), then came back to the hotel for our second shower of the day (each). I had to iron my (linen) dress for the wedding

Is this not the most ridiculous set-up you have ever seen for a hotel iron? The “holder thingy” is BOLTED to the ironing board on the square end.

And is connected to the holder thingy by a leash. I mean seriously, people! It’s a crappy Sunbeam hotel iron! Are you that worried someone is going to steal it? Really? Well, it served its purpose, but good grief!

RT enjoyed tooling around Little Rock in our rental car. I think it was a Chrysler Pacifica. The brakes were really grabby, but otherwise it was fine.

Wedding was good, but it was HOT. After the ceremony, reception and tear-down, we returned to the hotel for Shower #3 on the day, hung out with the bride and groom (and a big chunk of the bride’s family) for about an hour, then crashed.

Flew back to Pittsburgh with a two-hour layover in Memphis. Thanks to the Titans blackout (they apparently don’t sell out), the Steelers-Seahawks game was on every TV in the entire terminal, so we saw a pretty good chunk of the game, including the Steelers first 14 points.

Before we left, my mom had asked about using freezer space over here. A local supermarket was having a really good sale on all kinds of MEAT!! (that was for the Hurricane Knitters) so she stocked up and since she’s out of freezer space at her place, a lot is in our downstairs fridge. Oh, and having lived away from Pittsburgh for a good solid 12 years, you can say I’m weird, but I enjoy “true” (translation: Islay's) chipped ham a lot. Since it was on sale for $1.99/lb, mom got some for me while she was there.

It’s yummy. I’m gonna throw half of it in the freezer tomorrow, but I will enjoy all of it!

That’s it for the trip recap. I’m slogging along on the foot of Bart II and have my next sock ready to roll in the queue when it’s done. Catch you later!


Yvonne said...

Nothing like Isaly's!! Yumm-oh! I'm glad RT has come out of hiding finally, after the last, um, incident. :)

Jen said...

Looks like you had a good trip!