Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sweaters and Leaves

Earlier today, I took a look out of a window on the back side of our house. This is part of what I saw.

See those two relatively narrow stripes that have less leaves than the rest? Well, when I first looked out there, our neighbor’s youngest boy (2nd grade, I think) was “raking” leaves. Or the leaves were raking him. It was hard to tell. Luke was using a ginormous rake and I think if he had put the rake on its side, its width would have been ¾ of his height.

You can see he got quite a ways on his leaf-raking task before he was called away. :) Perhaps, had he not started in our yard (property line is roughly where the wire for the telephone pole is), he may have had more energy for his own backyard! Gotta admit, though. He was VERY cute with his huge rake and more leaves than he could handle.

Yes, I have another whack of leaves waiting to be raked. I think I’m going to leave that for tomorrow’s workout, though. Most of the trees that are dropping leaves into our yard still have the bulk of their foliage, but at least the end is in sight. Which is good. Late, but good.

The most exciting news in my world today was this

My MOO cards arrived! I’m a very happy customer, minus the fact that half of my order that is a gift arrived on Friday and the part for ME didn’t get here until today, despite being shipped a day earlier. Frustrating, but virtually forgotten once I saw how great my cards look. Both of the MOO card holders were purchased on Etsy. The card holder on the left came from studiobijou and the one on the right with the clip came from splatgirl. Oh, and I will totally re-use the plastic box they came in (pictured, center)

In case I didn’t mention it, if you are on Ravelry yourself, my username there is DPUTiger, same as here. I have photographed and uploaded the bulk of the “upstairs stash” although there’s a cabinet I forgot about. We’ll see when the next decent picture-taking day is.

The Hubster and I are going to go sweat when he gets home from work, then my “project” for the evening will be to get a few more WiP-related things up on the TimeSuck, then get the purple sweater finished. What’s next in line for seaming, you ask? Either this

Or this

Yes, they’re both brown. Feel free to vote. I can’t make up my mind.

I will miss the Hurricane Knitters tomorrow night, in favor of attending Avenue Q at the Benedum Center with the Hubster, my brother, sis-in-law and my mom. Dad didn't want to come, but I have a feeling that he'll be paying for dinner anyway :)


SJ said...

Jeez, girl, you keep coming up with these great sweaters that are so close to being done! I hate seaming, so I can understand putting that off, but I'd also be anxious to finish and wear all those sweaters.

Have a great time tonight!

Dave Daniels said...

Nice MOO stuff. And I vote for seaming the bottom sweater. (It's a pale olive on my monitor, and I question whether it works correctly...)