Sunday, November 11, 2007

Amazing Race Sunday: Dutch Ditch Dunking!

Welcome to the second installment of my blog-along for The Amazing Race. I can’t figure out a way to write this without spoiling at least a little bit, so please keep that in mind before you decide to continue.

General Thoughs
It kind of bugs me that all the teams have to be labeled: “Dating Goths” Kynt & Vyxsin, “Married Ministers” Kate & Pat, etc. I know it’s early and it’s hard to remember who’s who at this point. But please. Does every team need to have a Label?

Drive to the Shannon Airport!
Oh my gawd. Shana & Jennifer bitching about missing a manicure (How Awful!!). Grandpa Donald nails the curb and kills a tire. Making flight reservations always intrigues me … the whole web vs. in person thing. And why would someone at the counter of Airline A tell you that Airline B will get you there faster? Maybe it’s different outside of the U.S.

Ronald is a salty old dude! Christina tries to tone him down, but that’s not gonna last, as evidenced by his blow-up in the Dublin airport.

Detour: Hoist It or Hunt It!
Hoist It – OK, Ms. Macrame (Vyxsin) struggling with the knots was amusing. Lorena & Jason kicked butt on this one. Shana & Jennifer saying that their upper body strength was their best strength was pretty funny, but damn if she didn’t kick butt. TK & Rachel’s knot problems were impressive and it took them too long to switch.

Hunt It – Azaria & Hendeka’s reaction when they saw the sheer number of bikes was priceless. In addition to being volatile, Ronald is also Eeyore. Or, to quote the man himself, Archie Bunker. (But I don't think that's quite right either. Suggestions?) I feel bad for Christina (aka Meathead). And I don’t blame Pat and Kate for laughing at R&C, or Marianna & Julia for keeping a wary eye/ear on the fallout. Aside from the mild needle in a haystack aspect, Hunt It was by far the easier chore of the detour.

Road Block!
The Ditch Vaulting was awesome. Lorena and Jason did that way too easy, and Marianna/Julia exhibited similar skill. Glad the pretty girls went splat. Kynt & Vyksin’s guess on the Road Block was hysterical. Grandpa in his underwear was awesome. TK and Rachel (and later Nicholas and Donald) pedaling Right. Past. Phil. was fabulous too. The team that was eliminated was not unexpected. I’m glad I didn’t have to do laundry after this task. I’m sure that half the contestants smelled just lovely by the time they got to Phil (P.U.!!)

I love this show. I’d love to compete (my mom would be my first choice as a partner). I can see how it would be really taxing, but I think it would be fun too.

Scenes for next week: Isn’t the third leg a little early to have a meltdown? I’m just sayin’

Everyone is encouraged to comment. So far, there doesn’t seem to be a Survivor-quantity of stuff to comment on, but hopefully that will change as we get to know the teams better. At this point, I’m not even totally sure who I’m rooting for. Until next week, we’ll be focusing on knitting and quilting thankyouverymuch!


Jenn said...

I've been amazed at the amount of freaking out that's taken place so far this season. Bickering with another team in the airport and it's the second leg? Trying to strong-arm a flight attendant on the second leg? What the hell?

I am glad I'm not the only one who giggled when the Pretty Girls went splat in the mud!

Ronald is driving me nuts and I feel bad for Christina. And oh my God, did the old dude NEED to do the roadblock in his underwear?

I like Pat & Kate. I think that they have a really good attitude and I like that they never scream at each other.

James said...

Lines of this week's Amazing Race:

1)Ronald saying something about "I tell the truth while other people don't tell you have boogers in your mouth!"

Huh? Probably the first time in 12 seasons the word "boogers" has been used in A.R. I don't even think any of the kids said that during the Family A.R.

2)Marianna or Julia (I can never remember who is who when it's two guys teams or two girl teams. I mean except for like Mirna and Charla or something like that, but I digress). One of them said "I pray to god they miss the bus," when talking about Kate and Pat.

Umm, aren't they ministers. I guess god didn't answer the call.

I wonder how much of an ordeal A.R. producers need to go through to ensure the whole airport security loopholes teams seem to go through.

Pick for first place next week: Of course I have to go with my team to win, Nathan and Jennifer.

Pick for last place: Donald and Nicholas.

Teen Knit Rock said...

Haha, my mom and I have always wanted to do that show too! No lie. Thursday was fun! I wish I could go to more of them, but with work and rehearsals I never get a chance really. I'm not much of a quilter, but I will ask around to see if there are any sweet knitting stores ;)

crosstoc said...

Ronald needs a wake up call. Can't stand the way he talks to his daughter! Grandpa is cool - can't figure out who to root for.