Sunday, November 18, 2007

Amazing Race Sunday: Camel Wars!

Pleeeease excuse the tardiness of this post. I'm a complete idiot and inadvertently posted this on one of the other blogs in my Blogger Dashboard. Bad blogger! No Reese's!

Ooh! The evil dad (Ronald) gave himself a hernia while pedaling to last week’s Pit Stop. We’re starting this week with Eeyore getting medical attention. My guess is that this will make him grumpier, not more willing be nice to Christina and/or the other competitors. (NOTE: surprisingly, I was wrong about this!)

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
I would giggle at the competitors pathetic attempts to pronounce the destination, but seriously. Would you be able to say that place? No way! Awesome that Jason compared Lorena to The Exorcist. Of course, when you go to such an obscure destination, travel is usually a major issue. Despite a maintenance scare with eight of the nine remaining teams, they all made the same flight to Oogie Boogie.

I love that the first thought from Shana & Jennifer once they got in the cab in Africa was that they’d be sold into slavery :) And change from the cab driver was an adventure too! First clue box seemed to be relatively easy to find and the train station was another major equalizer. Donald (the grandfather) is scoping out the sisters (Marianna & Julia). Very entertaining.

I’m a little sad that none of the teams missed the stop on the train. That would have been awesome.

Road Block: Milk a Camel!
Oh, and they’re gonna have to drink the milk too! Awesome! Lorena freaked out, as seen on last week’s preview. Don’t most people realize that if you stay calm around animals you have a much better chance of getting along with said animal? This is certainly an example of “slow and steady wins the race”

Three camels ran dry. Those teams wound up at the back of the pack, but the gap was not as long as it could have been since the three teams in front did their best sheep impression (follow the leader, blindly). Two teams were still at the Road Block when the first team checked in at the Pit Stop. Lorena & Jason were one of them. Being last at the Camel Station really pushed Lorena over the edge, but she finally did complete the task.

Detour: Teach It or Learn It
I find it funny that none of the teams could find the school once they got their clue ☺
Teach It – Teach a local kid 10 english words
• Ronald & Christina, TK & Rachel. Nicholas & Donald, Shana & Jennifer. Kids were sponges and did pretty well.
Learn It – Teams must learn 10 words in a local dialect with a kid as teacher
• Azaria & Hendekea flew through this challenge! Very impressive.
• Nathan & Jennifer, Kynt & Vyksin, Lorena & Jason, Marianna & Julia pulled this one out too
• Head-to-head drama with L&J/M&J taking their language tests, then trying to find the marked path.

Once again, the teams were being sheep (very wet sheep), trying to find the marked path to the Pit Stop.

Pit Stop: Bingo!
Azaria & Hendekea were the first in, arriving in a torrential downpour. A very damp Phil was waiting for them under a pretty large umbrella. After the first pair, five teams showed up simultaneously at the pit stop, leaving just three teams on the course.

Marianna & Julia were the eliminated team. Done in by camels.

Side note: You could not pay me enough to watch Big Brother, let alone be on that show.


Jenn said...

I'm glad you recap this because I missed it watching the Pats game, and I'll miss it next week, too.

turtlegirl76 said...

Aw! But I love Big Brother even more than I love TAR!

crosstoc said...

This bunch of contestants are babies! I still don't have a favorite. Ronald's hernia must have kept him from yelling! Amy, they asked for people to apply for the show! Til next week...