Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I voted. Did you?

First of all, work last night was awesome. Seriously awesome. I got to meet/interview six members of the all-time team, all of whom were players I really admired while I was growing up. Oh, and the game was seriously awesome as well.

On a side note, when I got dressed for work yesterday, I realized that my only “grown-up” watch (not made of plastic with big digital numbers) had a dead battery. Then I got called in an hour early so I could park and not be dependent on others to get home in the dead of night.

I stopped by Batteries Plus near my house in a terrible rush/panic. They not only sold me a new battery for my favorite "real" watch, they installed the new battery and set the watch to the correct time. Plus, they got me in and out in less than 10 minutes. Great experience. Highly recommend.

The down-side to last night’s avalanche of awesome-ness was that I got home at 2 am and didn’t get to bed until about 2:30. I didn’t set an alarm, and I scraped my sorry behind out of bed just before 11. As I walked downstairs, still in my PJs, I could see my mom walking down from the street to our front door. After re-hashing last night, we decided to do an errand field trip to vote, then go to Costco and the J-store.

I just have to say that I had no idea how election-spoiled I was in California. Every election, general and primary, we received a full sample ballot so at least you knew what the heck you were voting for. Allegheny County is so chopped up into little municipalities that it’s hard to find information on many of the candidates. And those nifty sample ballots that used to magically show up in my mailbox? They don’t exist here. I got good info on judges from two good lawyers I trust (the parents) and guessed on the rest. *sigh* I appreciate that the United States is “advanced citizenship,” one of my favorite lines from The West Wing, but being new to this community, it was a little harder than I’d like to figure out all the local stuff.

The biggest “news” of the day is that I got a new pair of shoes. Two reasons for this purchase. First, I need a reliable pair of shoes that will play nicely with the morton’s neuroma that my feet struggle with that will also be appropriate with dress slacks that I wear for work. Second, I wanted a pair of shoes that would encourage me to actually wear my hand-knit socks.

These fit both bills and I have to say that I had an extremely good experience at The Walking Company. With my foot issues, I really need to try on shoes before purchase, so web shopping doesn’t work for me. My next purchase of similar shoes will most likely be there as well.

So that’s about it from here. I have a quilting class in the morning to make this pattern, and I have no clue what I’m taking to Hurricane Knitters tomorrow night. Wanna find out? Show up at the Waterworks Barnes & Noble at 7 pm Wednesday night!


Jen said...

It's true, you do have to work to vote here! The PG always publishes a voter's guide, but they just tell you who the candidates are, not what they stand for, which isn't especially helpful.

See you tonight!

SJ said...

I wasn't going to vote because I didn't feel like I was educated enough about the candidates, but in the end I did (partially because my boss let me leave work early to go vote!) and skipped the races where I was completely clueless.

See you tonight -- I'll be the one in the new sweater!

Yvonne said...

Have fun with the Hurricane Knitters. Would love to be there but I'll be with the Crankies. We'll catch up sometime, I'm sure!! (ntftopqk)

Ian said...

I voted, but it was for my favorite Redskins player of all time. And you're right about Smirnoff - they may be hiring again next Spring.