Thursday, November 01, 2007

Meme This!

OK, so I know I promised a recap of my quilt shop trip from Saturday. I came home with two kits:

The above fat quarter stack is for this. The quilt was designed by the owner of the shop where I purchased the stack and pattern, which is nice.

Here’s the other kit. I really like The Quilt Company. Just wish it wasn’t so damn far away from my house.

I stopped at Bloomin' Yarns today after an oil change for the ‘ol car, and Michelle asked me a question that I was going to pontificate on (If all your WiPs were magically finished, what chunk of stash would be first in line to be knitted up?), but then Turtlegirl tagged me. And since she NEVER does memes and never EVER tags people even when she DOES do them ... Ah well, I guess I’ll play along!

1. What’s your favorite sock yarn? (please note that the word “yarn” is singular. Just pick one. I know it’s hard.)

I want to start by stating that I don’t feel like an experienced enough sock knitter to really take a hack at this question. If I could even get through half of the sock yarn stash I’m currently marinating, I would be much better able to answer. But if I had to answer this question right now, and apparently I do, I’d either say Koigu (but I won't b/c that's boring since everyone loves Koigu) or Yarn Nerd 900mHz (now available at The Loopy Ewe, on the next sneak-up), simply ‘cause my two favorite FOs were made of those two yarns.

2. What’s your favorite type and brand of sock needle?

Brand is KnitPicks. I’m a very tight knitter and wooden DPNs in sock sizes scare me. I was a hardcore DPN girl until I started tackling the Cat Bordhi patterns, and now I’m not sure I’ll ever quit with two circs.

3. Do you knit your socks toe up, cuff down or sideways?

I love the theory of toe-up, but am having trouble making the foot the right length with that method. I’m best at top-down, as those are the socks I’ve made that fit the best. But I really want to be a toe-up kid.

4. Do you knit both socks at once or just one at a time?

One at a time is all I can handle, thanks.

5. What’s your favorite toe and why?

My big toe, because it's so important for your balance. Just ask Jack Lambert or Rocky Bleier.

6. Favorite heel?

Flap, since all of my short-row heels seem to have been swiss cheese-type disasters.

7. Do you prefer plain or patterned socks?

I hate lace and lacy patterns (sorry), so if it’s just a stitch pattern, sign me up. If it’s a lace pattern with holes? Why would I want to wear a pair of socks with holes? I'm probably the only knitter in America with a grudge against the lowly YO

8. Who do you knit the most socks for?

Since the Hubster rejects any yarn that is not solid-colored (BO-RING!) and has huge ski feet to boot, MOI! I give away the bulk of my quilting, but keep almost all of my knitting.

And when I say "rejects non-solid yarn" I mean that he said no to a skein of brown Smooshy because it was multiple shades of brown. Ugh.

9. Do you darn your socks? If not, what do you do with them?

Didn't you all hear me darning at Dove I and II? DARN SOCKS!!!

10. Do you only wear handknit socks?

Not by a long shot. Better question would be "Do you EVER wear handknit socks?" In fact, I have yet to wear any of my handknit socks out of the house. Not sure why. I guess I’m afraid they they might, ya know, wear. Or pill or get yucky in some other manner. I know it's insane.

It's the same reason why I adore brand-new sweatshirts and refuse to wash them until they've been spilled on or are truly getting grungy. Brand new is awesome. Really worn and old is perfect. I'm not such a big fan of the in-between.

And I'll never go exclusively to handknit socks, because I can't picture myself wearing handknits to the gym.

You are now learning a little too much about my psyche, so I'll stop.

Bonus Question: What pattern, if any, is your basic “I-just-need-a-pair-of-socks” sock pattern based on? Do you keep it written down or memorized?

Probably Yarn Harlot top-down from Knitting Rules. And no, I don’t have it memorized.

And yeah, I’m tagging people. SJ and Yvonne, you’re it!


Dave Daniels said...

That first stack of fabrics is wonderful! Are they all batiks? (My favorites.) I like the deep jewel tones.

SJ said...

Well at least now I'll have some blog content that's not me whining about how much I hate seaming and how I'm avoiding finishing my CPH because of it!

Yvonne said...

EEEK, I've been tagged! Thanks a I have a blog post to put up today! :) (It has been all pea pod, all the time at my house.)

mehitabel said...

Great quilt projects! I just love me a stack of nicely folded fat quarters--almost seems a shame to cut into them! Like Dave, I love the deep dark jewel toned batiks, but I've also got a stack of rainbow-hued flannels that I wish I could just frame! Hmmm... maybe I feel a blog post coming on...

turtlegirl76 said...

If you ever find yourself in Charlotte, you can teach me how to use this damn sewing machine, and I'll teach you how to make the foot the perfect length for a toe up sock. =)