Sunday, November 25, 2007

Amazing Race Sunday: A Goat in a Basket!

Sorry I'm so late posting. CBS was an hour late locally, but in addition I had to get the holiday card train rolling before I have to work tomorrow night and leave town on Tuesday (two-day trip with my mom and aunt). Next week’s recap won’t go up until Monday, since I have an 8:15 pm kickoff for work next Sunday. Thank you for your patience!

No Chicken, No Check-In!
Boy, Kynt already looks like he’s struggling and it’s just the third leg of the race. I was really glad Ronald took it down a notch last week. Let’s hope it continues! I had to laugh when Shana & Jennifer named their chicken Phil ☺ I think Hendekea’s “personal pit-stop” is the first of its kind that has been shown, at least since I’ve been watching.

Detour: Shake your Pan or Shake your Booty!
Booty: Nathan & Jennifer – She thinks she’s got it since she’s an LA Clippers dancer. We’ll see if Nathan can keep up. Too bad she missed the memo that she had to be creative while she was at it! Azari & Hendekea – apparently, looking under-coordinated counts as creativity. Either that or as the Hubster said, the judges might have been a little biased (Remember what you learned from Avenue Q!) Ronald & Christina – At least as under-coordinated as A&H. Apparently, looking goofy isn’t a blanket cover for dance ability! Kynt & Vyksin – The crowd loved these two, but the judges? A+! This vaults them a head of R&C. Shana & Jennifer – Looked like they were sleep-dancing. Yikes. Apparently, though, this is creative! Lorena & Jason (A) – Started here. Little do they know … They had fun with this task, though, and fortunately the judges liked what they saw!

Pan: Nicholas & Donald – They smoked this task. Go Grandpa Go! TK & Rachel took a look at Booty then switched. But they got lost on the way to the mine. Eek! They were also a little slow, as they didn’t have Grandpa’s trick of using water to find the gold faster. Lorena & Jason (B) – They were bummed and I can’t blame them. But they buckled down and got it done quickly including Grandpa’s water trick. Their spirits were probably higher than mine would have been, and they did well.

Pelektanga Market – U-Turn!
I don’t remember U-Turns previously. I think it’s new, and BOY would that suck! The U-Turn is like the Yield ... but the U-Turned team must turn around and go back to complete the other half of the detour they just finished. Ewww! This is always the part of the Race where Karma comes into play.

Shana and Jennifer U-turned Lorena & Jason (because they thought that’s who TK & Rachel were), so L&J are going to be in serious Suck City when they get to that point in the race.

Road Block: Bike a Goat!
This is going to be challenging. Jennifer (of the & Nathan) pair freaked out at the market but managed to freak out and complete the task very quickly. Hendekea breezed through the task. Jennifer (of Shana &) really regretted playing the U-turn and was telling TK of her regret while their partners were loading their bikes. Apparently, the loading of the bikes was the most challenging/interesting chunk of this particular task, since that’s mostly what we saw.

Shana, who led the charge on the U-Turn had a huge amount of trouble in the market. There’s that Karma thing. You could see Jennifer (of Shana &) sweating it out while TK was pretty cool waiting for Rachel to come back, despite the fact that their partners had left simultaneously.

Hendekea taunting Jennifer & Nathan didn’t really make the sprint to the finish any better, and it’s going to make Jen and Nate even more motivated to beat them out next time. Her little speech about “let’s spread around the first place finishes” isn’t going to win her any points.

Africa has obviously affected Vyksin. They are doing very well as a team. NOTE: Those had to be the most docile/doped out goats ever. Maybe they were on their post-Thankgiving tryptophan naps?

It was really sad to watch Lorena & Jason finish out the leg. Jason’s positive attitude was very impressive. Unfortunately, it was an elimination leg and it’s the last we’ll see of this pair. After watching Lorena flip out at the camel task last week, I didn’t think I’d get to like this pair as much as I did tonight.

Scenes from next week: Hmmm … perhaps our friend Karma will arrive on the next leg?

Remember, next week's AR recap won't appear until at least mid-day on Monday. When we play at night, I get home at about 2 am after the game, so I sleep in to compensate (the bonus of not having a "real job"). TiVo is my friend. Thanks in advance for your patience!


Jenn said...

I didn't get to see most of the episode last night because of the Pats game, but I did see some of the check-ins and boy did the "spread the first place around" thing bug me. It's a RACE.

crosstoc said...

The blondes displayed their IQs by the U-Turn. Karma will definitely do them in as it should. I'm beginning to appreciate The Gothes - I also like the brother and sister team (I can't spell their names)! If you had a soul, who wouldn't have been affected by their surroundings. The race is heating up - it's anyones race to win. Love this show