Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WiP Wednesday: Scarfs R Us

I tried to blog yesterday, and it was a disaster. I started with a post that would make Eeyore proud, then re-wrote something else that would rival Beaches in sap-factor. Seriously enough to give you a cavity. They were both awful, so I spared you the carnage and decided to wait for a nice, boring WiP Wednesday.

Today’s agenda is to post this blog entry, run to Staples for printer ink and then get my sorry behind out the door in time to go see Bruce and the E Street Band at the Igloo. RT will make the trip. We’ll see how the ‘ol camera phone performs in its first use. I haven’t listened to the new album (Magic) as much as I would like, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the show regardless. Woot!

On to the WiPs!

First in line: My second Jaywalker scarf.

The color changes are very subtle, but the more I knit this, the more I think it becomes apparent that Javajem had the correct idea when she did her scarf – as many coordinating heavily variegated yarns as possible. I started this scarf as a good traveling project, and it’s going to jump into the starting lineup tonight. Because I finished Jeweled Steps last night.

I’ll try to get a sock photo shoot tomorrow. More blog fodder! Yay!

Second is the scarf I was mocked for last week at Hurricane Knitters. Yes, I swatched for a scarf. The only reason I did that is because it is knit lengthwise, and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to be insanely short or long.

This is an intentionally average photo.

And this one better shows how far into the scarf I've climbed. Yes, it's intentionally a shot of the "wrong side." Better photos will follow when it’s finished. I’m loving this scarf, but because it’s lengthwise and has color changes, it’s not particularly portable.

So that’s about it from chez DPUTiger. The Hubster and I have been taking turns not being home for the evening. He got home at 9 last night after having to work late and tomorrow will be similar. Tonight, I’m hangin’ with The Boss. Oh, and due to tomorrow’s late work night for Hubster, I plan to head on over to knit night at Bloomin’ Yarns, where I hope to finish the second armpit sleeve on the purple sweater!


Dave Daniels said...

Hey, are my eyes deceiving me? Are those Jaywalkers really made flat, and the stitched??? Could it be??? Wow. I'm amazed, I never knew that before.
Have fun with Bruce!

SJ said...

I hope that right now you're listening some really good music instead of sitting home and watching bad TV like me.

You know we weren't mocking you, right? I think we were all feeling insanely guilty that WE don't swatch (even knowing that it always comes back to get us in the end).

MollyBeees said...

WOW! I love the Jaywalker scarf. I'm gonna have to try that!