Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to the Time Suck!

Yep. I got my Ravelry invite. Yesterday, right at kickoff. Lemme tell ya – Steelers-watching and Ravelry-browsing are not particularly compatible activities. Especially when your team is playing a truly pathetic game. Hmmm … on second thought, maybe it was a good thing I didn’t have to devote my full attention to that debacle.

I managed to watch about 90 minutes fly by while I photographed the “upstairs stash” this morning/early afternoon. I’ll probably upload that stuff tonight.

In other news, Hubster and I went errand-running on Sunday. The stated objective was to find a good winter coat for him. Since we’re members, we started at REI. Where I found these. (left) Yes, I know those are summer sandals for me, not a winter coat for him, but they were about 40% off, so I got ‘em.

I managed to find a really cool (warm) coat for myself at our second stop (right), and I’m quite pleased with it. I still don’t have a sock on the needles, and my only active project is my second Jaywalker scarf (the green/pink one). I’m thinking of doing SJ’s no-purl Monkeys next. Perhaps with my Yarn Pirate? Hmmm … that’s sounding pretty good. We shall see.


SJ said...

I have those exact same shoes in a royal blue! I wore them all over when we were on our honeymoon, and they turned out to be the perfect footwear when we got all wet and muddy in Olympia. I felt so bad for the people in tennis shoes.

Dave Daniels said...

We're on Team REI here, too. (And lucky to live a block away from it, too!) I got my nice winter boots there last spring, for only $20, marked down from $130. Gotta love a sale. Nice jacket you got there.