Friday, November 16, 2007

Field Trip: Natural Stitches!

Twice in my brief association with the Hurricane Knitters, Melissa has joined us. One of the last times she joined us, she mentioned that she was working at Natural Stitches, a new shop that would be opening quite soon in East Liberty.

Since that time, I’ve been monitoring the Natural Stitches blog via Bloglines. Yesterday morning, there was exciting news on the blog. They were opening today!

I suckered my mom by saying “Do you want to field trip to Trader Joe’s tomorrow?” When she said yes, I immediately fessed up that this was also a yarn field trip. She’s a good sport, so she was still “in.”

Since the last time RT saw Melissa he turned into Taliban Tigger, he was a little scared to come out of my bag when we got to the shop. But Melissa remembered that I blog, and she really encouraged me to take pictures in the shop. So RT jumped out and attacked the store with all four paws.

While inside, the first thing RT jumped into was the wall of Cascade 220.

That wall is pretty much the store’s hallmark. Can you find RT in the wall? Here’s a hint:

Want some Malabrigo? They have plenty. RT likes Malabrigo. (there's a lot more in the cubbys behind RT)

Oh, and see that stuff in the background back on the wall in the top-left of that picture above? It’s Dream in Color worsted weight!

How ‘bout some sock yarn? They have a whole corner. And a mini-wall of various recycled or eco-friendly sock yarns including Tofutsies, a recycled cotton yarn that looked pretty neat and various other stuff. I didn’t take notes. So sue me! Oh, there's also another set of cubbys to the right of where RT is sitting full of sock yarn.

Want needles? Their primary stock is ChiaoGoo and Addi Turbos, but you can see their whole list on their website
I need another cotton shell like I need a hole in my head, but this stuff made me want to buy it NOW. Screw the 11 almost-done sweaters. I want to start a new one! (RT said no. He’s one smart guy)
See that little white card on the TyDy? They have one up for every yarn in the store. It includes the manufacturer, yardage (NOTE: If the yarn only shows meters on the manufacturer's label, it only shows meters on the store card . Doing the math for yardage would have made a really nice touch an amazing touch, but I understand wanting to get the darn things up so they could open. Cards also show roughly how many balls of that yarn you'll need for a sweater. Great touch!)

I didn’t buy any yarn and neither did mom. Mom got a pair of 16” circs to make her own Steelers Scarf. I got a pom-pom maker. You’ll see why eventually, as it’s for one of my active WiPs :)

After Natural Stitches, we stopped at Trader Joes. For my left coast readers, here’s some perspective – this is the only Trader Joe’s within 100 miles. They carry the best pretzels in the world (hi, Sandy!) so I now have an extra bag :)

The following is also strictly for the entertainment of my California friends. I know I’ve mentioned that going to Costco is a tiptoe through the tulips here. Want to know what the closest thing in Pittsburgh is to the California Costco experience?
Yep. It’s Whole Foods.

This is also the only Whole Foods within 100 miles. This parking lot shot really doesn’t do the experience justice. You can see that the parking lot is completely full, but you can’t see the lines of cars waiting to turn into the parking lot, or the exiting customers getting stalked as they walk back to their cars. It’s an adventure.

So that’s it for today. I have no clue what’s in store for the weekend. Hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

Special note for the Hurricane Knitters: One of the categories on Double Jeopardy tonight was "Jazz Hands"


turtlegirl76 said...

That Cascade 220 wall is amazing. That shop looks like they have a pretty good selection!

crosstoc said...

Whole Foods opened a 2 story hugmous store on the Arroyo in Pasadena. It's an experience I understand!

SJ said...

You were much stronger than I was in Natural Stitches! I am glad to hear that RT enjoyed his trip there -- and he certainly does have good taste in yarn!

Jen said...

Thanks for the NS post - I was away for a long weekend and just got the email that they had opened on Friday. I'm looking forward to checking it out!