Wednesday, November 05, 2008

WiP Wednesday: Bits and Pieces

It has been a crazy busy week at chez DPUTiger. And it's not going to get any better. I’ll get to the “other” stuff tomorrow, but here’s what we’ve got knitting-wise

First Koigu Kermit sock is done. Second is on the arch increases.


Please pardon the harsh-morning-light-on-the-TV-room-floor photos. I knew if I didn't take them first thing this morning, it wasn't going to happen.

If you are familiar with the New Pathways socks and remember what I was saying a week ago, you will notice something.

I said it was a Master Ridgeline. But that would put the arch increases on the sole and this sock has arch increases on the top of the instep. Well, I turned the heel at a special Fifth Wednesday Hurricane Knitters gathering last Wednesday. At the Bloomin Yarns stitch & bitch the following day, I was knitting away on my sock while helping a knitter with starting a sleeve when it “clicked” in my brain.

I put the heel on the wrong half of the sock. There was swearing and throwing of knitting when I discovered this fact.

Now it’s an Upstream, not a Ridgeline.

One would think that this is a potentially fatal flaw in a sock. Not so much when you’re dealing with the genius that is Cat Bordhi. I guess this is proof positive that arch increases really can go anywhere!

My only other knitting news came from Dave-The-Chatty-Mailman (serioiusly. the whole neighborhood hides when they see this guy coming) in yesterday’s USPS delivery.

Yay! ... Return address labels removed to protect the innocent ;-)

Yarn to finish my Incredible Shrinking Barts. I’d say I’d tackle that at knit night tonight, but my brain is shot to hell, so this may be the right week to knit brainless. Hopefully I’ll even be able to screw up the second Kermit sock in the same manner?

So not all that much knitting but LOTS of quilting. I’d take pictures, but it’s all M&Ms quilts, so I can’t show you now. I’m hoping Lisa will be kind enough to take pictures of all eight quilts at the Big Reveal on December 8 so I can show you all of these quilts. They’re gonna be awesome.

I have photos of all of “my” rows on everyone’s quilts and am planning a bunch of posts after the big reveal.

But basically, a week ago today, I had three of the eight group quilts in my house. After a quick stop at the post office on my way to Hurricane Knitters, I’ll have just one. HOORAY!

So that’s about it around here. I’ve been trying to stay out of the Pit of Despair, but I think the ROUS’s just might get me this time around. Wish me luck!


SJ said...

Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist!

Kudos on finishing up the quilting! I'm excited to see them once the big reveal happens.

Jenn said...

Interesting that you have a chatty mailman, all the postal workers I have ever come across, whether on the street or in a building seem to have had their souls removed.

(HAHAHA, my verification word is "stunk.")

Trillian42 said...

Aw... SJ stole my response before I could post it!

Just watch out for the lightning sands. And I can't wait to see the quilts!

HB said...

Can't wait to see the quilts - how do you figure out how to split your free time between quilting & knitting? I'm struggeling with that right many projects, so little time!

Yvonne said...

I want to see the quilts!!! ::pout::

HB said...

Thanks for your reply on my blog - you are right, this is upposed to be fun. I get hooked on one thing than dabble in the other and get hooked on that for awhile!

turtlegirl76 said...

I just can't believe it took so long for you to get that yarn! Gah! Glad it's safely in your hands. =) finally! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

Jess said...

All this talk of quilts- I can't wait to see!

mehitabel said...

Ah, Princess Bride references for the win! That is one of our favorite movies.
And tee hee, I've seen the quilts they come through Anne's hands! I think everyone is going to love them!!