Thursday, September 04, 2008


Yep, that’s where I’ve spent the week.

I flew to Memphis on Tuesday morning and then drove down to Oxford, where I met up with the best friend. I did a few hours of work from his office on Tuesday while he finished his day’s work.

After we headed out and had a bit of dinner, we headed down to his house, where I had an incredibly fun evening just hanging out with Bill and his dogs.

Oh yeah, the dogs! They didn’t do very well at staying still long enough for a photo, but here’s the best one I got of the little stinkers

Jackson on the left, Peggy on the right

They’re both great dogs and Peggy is a trip. She’s a great puppy and is gonna be a great dog when she grows out of the “everything-goes-in-my-mouth’ stage ;-)

After a morning working in Bill’s office on Wednesday, we did lunch in Oxford then I sucked it up and drove southeast to Starkville, where my “home office” is located. Not fun. The leaving, that is. I never get enough time in the same zip code as Bill and it’s always hard to say goodbye, even though I know we’ll be chatting online again in just a few hours.

Anyhoo, the hotel in Starkville is perfectly nice. Nothing flashy, but that’s fine. It does have one rather unique feature that I have completely fallen in love with

RT likes it too!

It has a window seat! Yeah, it’s designed to camouflage the air conditioning unit, but let me tell you, that thing is comfortable!!! I spent a few hours sitting there last night and am typing to you from that exact spot right this minute. The view isn’t the best, but you can’t have it all, I guess.

Today was pretty much an entire day of sitting at a conference table with all of my co-workers. I feel slightly hopeful about the next few months of ye olde jobbity job, so keep those fingers crossed.

A full morning of meetings is coming down the pipe tomorrow (Friday), then it’s a 3-hour drive to Memphis and a pair of flights back to the ‘Burgh, landing around midnight. I look forward to getting home, I just wish someone would figure out that teleportation thing. Someday …


SJ said...

I've always wanted a window seat in my house. Closest thing we have is the bench below one of the windows in the master bedroom.

Hope the meetings go well, and have a safe trip home!

Jen said...

Glad that you got to spend some time with Bill and his dogs. Who couldn't have a good time hanging out with those cute puppies? Also glad to hear that work is going well!