Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cue the Crickets

This is the last you’ll hear from me on this topic, pretty much forever.

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund walk for Maidson, Wis., is this Saturday. Margy R. is going to have several options from which to choose, since she’s the only person who has donated to the cause. Previous posts on this topic are here and here.

Thankfully, Krista and Team Tweed have reached their goal for the walk, so I don’t feel like a complete ass for suggesting this flop of a raffle.

As a reminder, I have one skein of Fannie’s Fingering Weight (Farmhouse Yarns) and one skein of Trekking XXL up for grabs. If you’re more of a quilty type, I’ll find something of that ilk to send you. At this point, I’m tempted to offer a prize to anyone who donates $10 to the JDRF through Krista’s page. Here’s the link. Please mention on Krista's comments on the JDRF site that you found her through me, and I'll put you on the raffle list. (Don't worry, Mehitabel, I got ya on my list!)

And here’s a reminder of the yarn that’s up for grabs.

Ignore away.


mehitabel said...

Whoops! When I put in my donation, I hadn't read the previous posts and didn't know I had to put a note in HER comments to be entered in the raffle! Oh well, I wasn't really donating for a raffle prize--I was donating cause it's a good cause and something I can support. (My husband was diabetic.)

Donna Lee said...

I have a coworker who runs for diabetes research and I sponsor her because diabetes is a huge presence in my family. And if it weren't, I'd still sponsor her because diabetes is such a killer. Sorry about the raffle, and don't stop talking about it. Maybe you reached someone who decided to donate somewhere locally.

HB said...

I surely didn't donate just to get a chance to win some yarn - I never win anything! Very happy to support a very worthy cause & glad to hear they made their goal.

MollyBeees said...

I donated locally since I live in Madison. A guy at work has kids with Type I. It's a worthy cause. Next year, you'll have to come visit your friend and walk so you can come to our Knit Night!

Carol aka Stinger Assassin Palin said...

Hey! Glad to give to Juvenile Diabetes Reasearch. My Dad had Juvenile Diabetes and thankfully the research and science has come a long way since then. Wow - the Fanny's Finger in the Farmhouse yarn has neat colors.