Monday, September 08, 2008

SOS #3: Black Socks of Doom

I finished these over a month ago. You’d think that the recipient sleeps in Siberia, not the other side of my bed! These socks were horribly baggy on all existing sock blockers, so it took quite a while to get daylight, camera, socks and Ginormous Ski Feet all in the same place at the same time.

Meet the Black Socks of Doom.

These are knit for a U.S. Men’s size 11.5 wide foot. Or, as I described on Ravelry, “Really Big.”

They’re a nice plain vanilla pattern and they went quickly

I did have a “yarn emergency” when I realized that I was either going to knit ankle socks (which the Hubster would never ever wear) or that I was going to need a second skein. Thankfully, the Gourmet Yarn Co. in Oklahoma City was very helpful and solved my crisis.

Even though this yarn isn’t completely monochrome, they are Chris-Approved.

I used Judy’s Magic Cast-On, and this was the pair where I really learned in spades that tight is bad with JMCO. If you do the cast-on tightly, you wind up with Mouse Ears. Judy even got a blog post out of my question about preventing this problem! Yes, I will keep this clearly in mind in the future!

Black Socks of Doom

Pattern: Riverbed Master Pattern from New Pathways for Sock Knitters
Yarn: Fiesta Boomerang (1.25 skeins)
Color: Onyx
Source: The Gourmet Yarn Company, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Needles: KnitPicks US2/3.0mm (yes, I like dense socks)
Started: 8 July 2008
Finished: 26 July 2008
Summer of Socks Counter: Pair #3

Mods: None, but I wanted to share these numbers with you, so that my knitterly friends can be impressed. I used Cat’s Master Numbers for these socks. B, the length of foot number, was 11”. C, the width of foot, was 10”. Now do you see why they’re the Black Socks of Doom?


floribunda said...

very nice! I commend you for being willing to work with almost-black yarn, and to make socks that are probably twice as big as what you wear!

Jenn said...

Men's 11.5 wide? Hey, Tom and Chris wear the same size! Nice socks!

SJ said...

And here I thought my husband's feet were big. You win the good knitter award for persevering! I certainly hope Chris appreciates your work and wears these socks until they fall apart!

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow. Impressively big feets there! The socks look great. Well worth the wait for some sunlight in the photoshoot. You can really see the stitches. They look fab!

Trillian42 said...

Oof. Kris wears 12's, but at least they aren't wide!

Brava for tackling those!

Donna Lee said...

I have some black yarn waiting to become black socks for my husband. I have been putting them off because he also has big feet and they will take forever. With black yarn. He won't wear ankle socks, either and the socks have to be dark. I've already done a brown pair and now I have black and navy blue. Sigh.

Jen said...

The socks look great. Glad to see that they were approved. ;)

MollyBeees said...

Very cool socks~! Boy! He's be a tall guy if most of him wasn't layed out on the ground. Ginormous ski feet :snort: