Monday, February 16, 2009


Yesterday, I worked a very full day at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival and that little stinker Roaming Tigger stole my wallet again.


At least the little bugger has good taste!

I really enjoyed the festival, particularly the vendors in close proximity to the Bloomin Yarns booth. Here’s a little tiptoe through the stash enhancements. I worked all day in an overcast world. I figured overcast but dry would be perfect for photos. In the split-second between when I had the loot arranged for photos, the clouds parted. Oh well. The pics still look pretty good!

1. Tauga Nut Buttons from River’s Edge Weaving Studio in Michigan. They’re “vegetable ivory” and dyed with vegetable dyes so they’re very environmentally (and elephant!) friendly.

2. Creatively Dyed Luxury in color Diamond. I actually bought this one on Friday during set-up :-) 80% merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon

3. Creatively Dyed Calypso in Green Cay. It’s an 80/20 merino/nylon blend 510 yards, that I swear is the same base yarn as Wollmeise.

4. Creatively Dyed again. This time it’s 450 yards of “Merino Twine” in Pepper

5. 1500 yards of classic merino worsted from Knitting Notions in Azure. It was on sale. I fell in love on Friday, it was still there Sunday. It will grow up to be a Central Park Hoodie.

6. 600+ yards of 60% merino, 40% bamboo from River’s Edge. Listed as sport/DK weight, but it looks heavier to me. It’s a brand new base yarn for them. River’s Edge was next to Bloomin, and Carol and Debb were an absolute blast. This will be the first yarn from the festival that I cast on, since I may be doing a little sample knitting for Carol and Debb.

7. Pagewood Farms Alyeska in Crayon. Purchased from Wolf Creek Yarns (sadly, no website), which is a store in Grove City, Pa. The owner’s husband shares my alma mater, so that was a conversation starter. Sadly, I can’t remember her name (bad DPUTiger! No cookie!) but OMG, I had an absolute blast talking with the owner and her cohort that was helping her out at the show. I will absolutely be stopping by the store on multiple times this summer while driving back and forth to the lake. If the store is half as good as the human who runs it, it will be great!

8. Hand-poured pewter buttons from Deb Schildt’s Handmade in the Hills. SO cool! Deb’s booth was right across from us. She uses antique molds from the 1800s (if I remember correctly). Awesome.

9. Nostepinne from Knitting Notions. Walnut/Cherry. Beautiful.

10. Crochet hooks in G and H. Splurge!

11. Darning egg from Knitting Notions. Walnut. Beautiful.

12. Rotten mascot with good taste.

I got some good pr0n shots of all the yarn that you should be seeing in (many) future weeks, but I’ll start with the woodwork tomorrow.


SJ said...

Looks like some good selections! I'll be interested to hear more about the Creatively Dyed that you think is the same base as Wollmeise. Maybe that's a way to try Wollmeise without the chum frenzy, in a way?

Jenn said...

Good taste, indeed.

(verification word: spares! HAHAHAHAHAHA)

HB said...

Looks liek someone had a good time with your wallet!

MollyBeees said...

That pesky tigger! At least he's a good shopper!

Bezzie said...

Nice haul! I really like all the different buttons you scored.