Sunday, February 01, 2009

Game On

For your pre-game enjoyment, here are a few links

Here We Go

P.S.: Dear Internets- It's "Super Bowl," not "Superbowl." You're going to make me reach through my computer and strangle you if you keep this up. KTHXBAI

P.P.S: At my "standing" Thursday evening bar appearance following my Yarn Job, the TVs were all tuned to NFL Network, which was showing an old Super Bowl. As I sat down, the bartender asked me what I thought. My answer? "I think that if Roy Gerela is kicking off, we're going to like how this game ends."

Here's hoping we like how Jeff Reed kicks off as well.


Bezzie said...

It was a good game. So glad it was close. Blowouts are so--yawn!

Yvonne said...

Here we go...