Friday, January 30, 2009

Blog Silence

It’s been a crappy week work-wise. Had about 15,000 words to write for the wonderful full-time gig. Blech, but at least that particular flavor of suck is done until next year.

It’s hard to write for the blog when you’re required to write that much for work. I have a finished project to blog. Perhaps I’ll get to that over the weekend.

Meanwhile, the other excitement around her has been some significant winter storms. On Wednesday, we were hit with a lovely “Winter Mix” overnight, then snow on top of that during the day. The Hubster stayed home from work, which turned out to be a good thing, since the storm got worse during evening rush.

Of course, that slush under the snow turned to ice, and he got stuck trying to leave for work on Thursday. By the time the big ball of fire in the sky was out long enough to help, he wound up not going in for a second straight day.

Today, we got 5” of powder. Yes, I measured. No, I don’t have pics with a ruler, ‘cause the aforementioned work suckage prevented me from going outside for more than a minute or two during daylight hours. The worst of the storm came in while I was on a conference call this morning. I shot about 80 frames today.

I made a photoset of my photos from the storm. The mosaic is below. You can click to the photoset from any of the links at the bottom of the set. Enjoy.

1. DSC_0013.jpg, 2. DSC_0012.jpg, 3. DSC_J2801.jpg, 4. DSC_0065.jpg, 5. DSC_0042.jpg, 6. Jan28winter.jpg, 7. DSC_0007.jpg, 8. DSC_J2807.jpg, 9. DSC_0018.jpg, 10. DSC_0052.jpg, 11. DSC_J2901.jpg, 12. DSC_0035.jpg, 13. DSC_0046.jpg, 14. DSC_0008.jpg, 15. DSC_0015.jpg, 16. DSC_0040.jpg, 17. DSC_0021.jpg, 18. DSC_0001.jpg, 19. DSC_0060.jpg, 20. 365_Jan30.jpg


Jenn said...

I shoveled the driveway 900 times today. Ok, fine, it was 3. Every time I thought it was done and the sun would come out, I would shovel, only to go back in and 30 minutes later? Whiteout again. FUN.

Bezzie said...

See, I don't mind snow. I DO mind that damn "Winter Mix." Winter Mix should be a flavor of chex mix, not weather!

Rositta said...

Looks just like my part of the world, guess we're getting the same weather...ciao

SJ said...

Friday was quite a day. I know the weather forecasters are usually a little off, but I don't remember the last time they were that off! It was fun to watch the snow come and go from my office window, though.