Monday, January 12, 2009

Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed

It’s been too long since I fed the blog. Sorry ‘bout that.

I also seem to have f’d up the inaugural unveiling of the 2009 M&Ms exchange. Crappers. The group just called, live and in person on cell phone speakerphone to razz me for not including blocks with my kit for 2009. Oops.

“My” quilt will be this one. There are 7 other people sewing on this quilt and 25 total blocks, 13 of which are appliqués. I’m ditching the heart blocks (go and look. I’ll wait.) and asking everyone to do at least one sheep.

I got the fabric together last Wednesday on the way to Hurricane Knitters and scrambled to get to the post office on Thursday so the box could get to Sandy’s house by today. Sadly, it never even occurred to me that I should have sewn a block or two. My brain was all “let the group sew their 14 blocks and I’ll fill in the last 11 when I get it all back.”

I am an idiot.

In other news …

I had a really long day at the big ketchup bottle yesterday. Call time was five hours before kick, rather than the normal four. Lots and lots of time just sitting around, “answering” a phone that doesn’t ring. I started out diagnosing why I’d been having some (minor-to-medium) computer issues and fixed them. Then I pulled out a little project for my upcoming New Pathways class at Bloomin Yarns.

BIG sock!

It’s a duplicate of Cat Bordhi’s teaching sock that she uses in her New Pathways classes. Since I want to be Cat when I grow up, I busted out some Rowan Big Wool and US 17 needles and started magic looping a 24-stitch New Pathways sock. I cast on around an hour before kickoff and finished it tonight. It’s not perfect, and I may do a second one with the leftovers. Or not. We’ll see. Remember, I’m an idiot.

In other news, I got to the heel on my Leyburn KAL sock.


The heel is turned and the flap has been decreased. Leg then onward and upward to Sock #2.

I’d be about halfway through the leg right now, but I blithely ignored the pattern and didn’t plan out my stitch count for the leg. So I’m now tinking back the 6-ish rows I knit tonight before I realized my mistake. I’ll be going forward again in no time. I think.

'Cause remember. I am apparently not the sharpest tool in the shed.


Trillian42 said...

Well, I'm right next to you in said shed, then. I turned the heels on mine today (working both at once...) did a round of plain knitting... a round of picking up floats on the front... a round of plain... across the front of the cuffs with the next set of floats... turned to the backs and... dammit. Forgot to check my stitch count. Tink, tink, tink. Think I finally have it sorted now, though.

I hope.

Bezzie said...

That's clever doing a sock like that on the chunky yarn for a class.

SJ said...

I've been having similar "d'oh!" moments lately. Maybe our brains are getting frozen by the cold winter air?

HB said...
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HB said...

Sorry - too many typos in my last comment and I couldn't edit after I posted. Anyhoo - I had to rip back a cowl I am working on - 1 or 2 many glasses of wine helped me errr...get on the wrong row. But all is well now and I think I need caffeine before I comment anywhere else : - ) Love the socks!

Jenn said...

I haven't screwed up anything royally lately, but it's only a matter of time, save some space for me in the shed, m'kay?

Daniele said...

We are not idiots. We are just crafters, and...well... we get that way. We're just too busy thinking ahead, right? He He Also, the Leyburn pattern is gorgeous, although it looks difficult?!

turtlegirl76 said...

See now I'da thought the same way. Make my blocks AFTER everyone else. D'oh!

pdxknitterati said...

Snazzy looking Leyburn! Just remember, frogging means you get to spend more time with some great yarn. I haven't even started yet, so you're way ahead of me.

Carol said...

Just a note from one of the 7 quilters. We all loved having an excuse to call you! And we are excited to make a bunch of sheep for you with plenty of personality. Hope you aren't counting on your quilt looking like the F & P picture!!??!!Love you lots.