Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Winter Photos

I went to bed last night knowing that I’d be waking up to a winter wonderland. All the trees were coated with snow. The wind hadn’t really started yet and the sky was a perfect rich shade of blue.

The above trees live in SuperNeighbor’s yard.

Speaking of SuperNeighbor (to those of you new to the blog, SuperNeighbor lives across the street and has literally known me my entire life. He’s SuperNeighbor since he’s always more than happy to help with any fix-it issues.), I was telling Cristi about my favorite snow-moving tool yesterday. It’s a simple 3’x4’ piece of plywood. And yet? She insisted she needed action shots.

Since SuperNeighbor was out shoveling his driveway this morning while I was snapping away, I asked if he’d consent to having a few “action shots” taken. He agreed!

Using the “wide side,” which is great for a light snow or short distances

Using the “short side,” which is mostly what I used today. Oh, and that's where the Hubster parks when we know it's gonna snow. I park at the top of our driveway.

There ya go, Cristi. Ask and you shall receive!

Oh yeah. MY driveway …

Bottom of the driveway just after I started shoveling (shoveling tool on the far right of the frame. Yes, I have my own piece of plywood, provided by SuperNeighbor!)

Bottom of the driveway by the time I finished the top. No salt used, just the great big bright star in the sky.

Top of the driveway.

Yes, it’s essentially two stories up to get to the street. This is why I take driveway shoveling very seriously. If you drive on this thing un-plowed, it can turn to a sheet of ice in minutes. Not good.

And finally, my Flickr 365 photo for today

My poor California mouse has no idea what to do with all this snow!

Yes, that’s a Sorcerers Apprentice antenna ball. He used to have stars and moons on his hat, but since my antenna hits the garage door every time I go in or out of the garage, they’ve all fallen off. I have spares, but don’t want to put ‘em into action when I know for sure they’ll get thrashed right away.


Bezzie said...

That's an interesting snow implement. How does it handle with that wet heavy snow?

SJ said...

The one thing I really don't miss about the old house was the long, steep driveway. That thing used to take a good half hour to shovel. Of course, we didn't have a handy tool like yours -- maybe that would've helped!

marcy said...

Really. huh. i have a gradual grade to my driveway which has north exposure and no sun. yes plenty of ice. i used sand last year but dh banned because of mess this year. maybe i need a 3x4? the kids take all my shovels.

Donna Lee said...

Jealousy here! We didn't even get any rain. Well, at least there was no ice. Sigh. Still waiting for the snow.

turtlegirl76 said...

Ok now that's cool. Thank you for the pics!

HB said...

Beautiful shots and the sun cooperated!
I gave your blog an award today - go check out my psot from today to get all the scoop!