Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yep. My winter storm seems to have finally arrived! I headed outside to shovel the front walk and use the camera for a while this afternoon.

My favorite puppy was outside. Sydney LOVES snow and goes bonkers running around her yard and dipping her whole face in the most convenient layer of snow.

Hmmm ... What can I tackle next?

Snow feels SO good on my nose!

Can I grab her gloves before she notices?

It probably started to snow a little before lunch and the first plow didn’t make it to our neighborhood until about 7 p.m.

I love how the snow makes everything look

Yeah, I know Santa is still up. It takes two adult humans and a ladder to get him down. We have yet to reach that confluence when it’s not late or raining/snowing/sleeting.

I really need to take the time to figure out how to use the non-automatic features on my camera, but I liked this shot of our streetlamp with the neighbor’s house in the background

And the one I took well after dark

Here’s hoping you didn’t have to drive on un-plowed roads tonight. I was perfectly happy to hear that my 6:30 meeting in Sewickley was canceled, so I could play with the puppy, talk to my neighbor and do only minimal shoveling. The car is parked at the top of the driveway (Hubster parks in SuperNeighbor's driveway across the street. Where it's flat. But I can put off clearing the driveway for a little while (at least until it stops snowing!), which is nice.


turtlegirl76 said...

Aww what a cute doggy! He looks so happy!

SJ said...

Wow, I can't believe that's the same Sydney! I really wish puppies could stay puppies for longer!

As much as I don't like being out in the cold, I am really glad that my commute is now a 15-20 minute walk. It's so much easier than driving in snow or the crazy traffic. (Of course, I just have to worry about being hit by the crazy drivers.)

Jenn said...

We're lucky, Scott Township takes really good care of the roads, they just couldn't keep up last night because it was snowing so hard!

When I went to walk Rufus yesterday at Settler's Cabin, he kept shoving his face under the snow, it was adorable.

Bezzie said...

It's snowing here too! I'm tempting to go outside and pull a Sydney and see how much I can get all over my snout!

sophanne said...

Why do they love the gloves so much?

Donna Lee said...

One of my fondest (maybe my only fond memory) memories of the dog we had for a while was her running through the snow. We didn't get any snow. Not yet. I'm still hopeful.

Celtic Queen said...

Wow! That first shot made me look twice. She looks a lot like Ginger who also likes to play in the snow.