Monday, January 19, 2009

Chocolate MiLK Day

I’ll start with explaining the bad joke. I had a roommate about a dozen years ago who always called Jan. 15 (her birthday, actually) or the observed Dr. Martin Luther King Day as “Chocolate MiLK Day” I still find it funny and can never get that out of my head. Hope you can find the funny too.

I’ll start with one brief recap from yesterday. I was at the big ketchup bottle for almost exactly 12 hours, had no seat for the game, and kicked Malibu Barbie’s ass (figuratively) postgame. It’s a long story, but a metric ton of fun in my twisted little brain. Very early in the whole process, it was snow-stormey and highly windy, leading to this

Shortly after this photo was taken, many many grounds crew folks were sprinting for that corner of the tarp to get it back in place. My photo-op was cut short by Round 1 of fighting with the TVs. It’s not easy to make changes on single TVs when there are literally 30 of the same TV working off of the same remote in a single room!

Anyhoo, yes I did have the day off today. RT and I took a little field trip with my mom. On the way to the stadium yesterday, I noticed there was a lot more ice on the Allegheny than I would have anticipated, especially since the Monongahela and Ohio were virtually ice-free.

Perfect for Penguins!

After a quick stop at the (good) quilt store, we made our first-ever foray to Ross Park Mall. Why?

The new LL Bean store, of course!

RT wanted to inspect the great big boot out front

Looks big!

And he had to get up close and personal

It’s slippy up here!

He thought about climbing up the laces, but …

Oops! Busted!

I got a pair of Bean Boots for Christmas and decided they were a size too small. Hence the trip up north. It’s just too fun having a store that I can drive t. Yeah, I know it’s no Freeport, but I’ll take what I can get!

I’m up too late since I didn’t get to sleep until almost 2 a.m. last night. Adrenaline (remember, the Malibu Barbie ass-kicking? Serious adrenaline creation there!) can be a bitch. Hitting “post” and off to bed …


Bezzie said...

How funny! I had a college roommate who's initials were MLK and we'd call her Milk for short and always give her a hard time on MLK Jr. day.

Cool boot! Reminds me of a mall in San Antonio. Except there it was a cowboy boot.

Jenn said...

If I had to guess why one was frozen and not the other two, it would be because of the water source. The Allegheny comes from the north, but the Mon starts in West Virginia and it's not as cold there. Just a guess, could be wrong, but it makes sense to me!

SJ said...

You are going to tell us the Malibu Barbie story tomorrow, right?

(Haha -- my word verification is "later"!)

turtlegirl76 said...

Ok that boot is too cool! RT looks like he had a fun day. And YAY for kicking barbie's ass!

Donna Lee said...

I love the concept of chocolate milk day! Or just milk day. I am a confirmed milk drinker. I love the LL Bean catalog and would love to wander through their store. What fun.

Yvonne said...

I'm anxious to hear about the butt kicking. Good for you, opening up a can o' whoopass.

Heather said...

Ah, the boot...I understand to be the only one out side of Freeport. My friend A and I were up there before turkey day and they opened for their first test run that day for a couple hours... we were the second transaction!!! A was peeved because she could have been first, but I tricked her into stopping and looking at the sleds. btw, the spoon shaped sleds get top scores from my boys!

samccoy said...

I enjoyed reading your post. RT is quite funny. How do you keep him out of trouble?

My teen started quilting when she was 11yrs old, and one of her most beautiful quilts was an original design that she created when she was 13. We purchased some of the material at Fons & Porter's brick and mortar store in Winterset, IA. It is a great store.

Daniele said...

Great pictures! I especially love the boot!! :)