Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WiP Wednesday: Just Under the Wire

Hi! I made today a bit of a “Me Day” and visited my very most favorite not-so-local quilt shop. I was greeted with a very nice “Hi! How are you?” from the store owner and a perfect “Where the heck have you been?!!?!?” from the store manager. Love. It.

I’ve been destroying my to-do list as well. Maybe I’ll blog about bits of that tomorrow.

Meanwhile, in the land of knitting …


I’m Baby Surprising along. This is in a Zen Yarn Garden worsted weight that I got as a club yarn a few years ago. Much fun. I’m knitting along with a class I’m teaching at Bloomin, and I’m all ready to roll for Thursday’s second class.

Oh, and the vest I frogged last week? It's racing right along at the proper gauge and size.


Shortly after taking that picture, I split for the neck and started binding off for the armholes. I’m now chugging away on the fronts (I’m knitting them simultaneously). Hopefully, this is in the home stretch and I’ll be motoring up the back towards a three-needle bind-of sooner rather than later.


SJ said...

That BSJ is so bright and cheerful!

Glad to hear the vest is behaving. I hope you gave it a good talking-to after the first go.

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